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The Forum Cafe: Must-Visit Coffee Shop in Tacunan

With their great coffee, delicious food, and cozy place — how can you not love The Forum Cafe?

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What’s Brewing in South Brews Coffee Shop?

South Brews cold coffee

South Brews is located at the second floor of NCCC Mall of Davao.

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Coffee Maybe: A “Definitely” to Visit in Tagum

The coffee is good, the place is nice, and the staff are friendly. If you're in Tagum, it's a 'definitely' to visit Coffee Maybe.

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Burgers and Board Games: Food and Fun in One Shop!

Burgers in Burgers and Board Games

Burgers and Board Games offers you not WiFi passwords, but good old board games. Enjoy your burgers over fun games with friends and family!

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Woodberry Cafe Brings History and Culture To The Coffee Scene

Unlike many of the recent coffee shops that evoke a more modern vibe, Woodberry Cafe harks back to the rich Philippine culture and history.

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Coffee Cat: Why We Had 2 Visits Within 1 Week

Coffee Cat hot drink, cold drink and dessert

Coffee Cat offers a nice place to work or hangout with friends over hot or cold beverages, hot meals and desserts!

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Balai Coffee n Spa: Comfort and Style in One House

Balai Coffee n Spa

We recently visited Tagum and got introduced to Balai Coffee n Spa, a house-themed coffee shop that is great for family bonding or hanging out with friends!

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Koffiepauze: Enjoy a Nice Coffee Break Along Ma-a

Koffie Pauze cold drinks

A translation of "coffee break" in Dutch, Koffiepauze is a promising cafe that offers a lot of unique coffee selections in hot and cold variants.

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Green Coffee: Drink, Eat and Be Merry

Spacious and loaded with many food offerings, Green Coffee at F. Torres Street is a great place to drink (coffee), eat (cake and pastries) and be merry (with friends)!

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Java Jive: Davao’s New Coffee and Music Destination

With so many coffee shops already in the market, Java Jive aims to offer customers a different experience by combining good coffee and relaxing music.

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Coffee Dream Conjures Up New Look and Food Choices

Burp! Coffee Dream succeeds not only in launching their new modern image, but also in reviving our love for coffee -- with the help of desserts and sandwiches, of course!

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Abreeza Shops and Restaurants: First In Davao!

For those of you who are curious about what's inside Abreeza, here is a list of the new shops and restaurants that have set foot in Davao for the first time.

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Fagioli Coffee Club: For Breakfast and Pasta Lovers

Fagioli arrives from General Santos City, and is inclined towards breakfast food and pasta.

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BluGre Started Coffee Culture In Davao

Despite the emergence of more coffee shops in the metro, BluGre will always hold the distinguished title of offering the first great coffee experience in Davao City.

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Kangaroo Coffee Company: Classy Customer-Friendly Cafe

Kangaroo Coffee Company gets a load of plus points for stamping a fresh image to the otherwise common coffee shop.

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CoffeeBar at Gaisano Mall: A Quick Stop

The place offered a different experience when compared to other coffee shops inside the mall. While soft music is preferred in most coffee shops, video game noise from the other floor is what you will be hearing while you're at CoffeeBar.

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Coffee Dream: A little peace within the mall

Coffee Dream has comfortable sofa sets, plenty of updated reading materials and just the right light to help one relax amidst a busy mall.

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Taste Davao Style Dining at the Mindanao Culinary Festival

Guests will have a taste of the specialty foods prepared by the different participating establishments (hotels, restaurants and coffee shops) in this one-stop food showcase.

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Meek Coworking Cafe: Work and Study in Your Own Private Space

Meek Coworking Cafe

Meek Coworking Cafe: Check this post to know its features, its rates, its food options, and more.

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Hotel Highlights: Red Planet Cagayan De Oro

red planet cagayan de oro

Check out what Red Planet Cagayan De Oro has to offer, how much a night costs, and why we recommend it.

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CreateLabz Opens Opportunities for Innovation and Training

createlabz academy

CreateLabz aims to address the gap in backend support for startups and even those who like to innovatively create things to make life easier for people.

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Smart Blankets Davao with LTE!

Smart LTE

PLDT mobile unit Smart Communications, Inc. has completed its network expansion and improvement program in Metro Davao LTE.

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Nonong Grill: 3-in-1 Food Haven in Torres

Nonong Grill Honey Pork Roast

The simple and unassuming Nonong Grill in Torres also houses long-time local favorite Sy Bee Tin and milk tea haven 7Tea.

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Yolks Flower Cafe + Cupcakery: Dainty, Decadent, Delicious!

Yolks Flower Cafe + Cupcakery is a floral-themed restaurant that offers unique fusion dishes, decadent cakes and pastries, and flower arrangements.

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Hotel Highlights: Go Hotels – Otis Manila

Go Hotels room

Go Hotels - Otis Manila is located at the 5th floor of the Robinsons Place Otis complex. Read the pros and cons of staying in this hotel.

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Common English Words That Refer To Specific Locations In Davao

Dabawenyos have had their share of unique words, but here are common English words that locals have associated with specific places and locations in Davao.

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4 Most Popular Banana Snacks in Davao City Streets

If you are a fan of eating saging in Davao, then you probably know these four popular banana snacks in Davao City streets. Let the drooling begin!

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7 Reasons To Hate (or Love) Davao City

For a Dabawenyo who has been living in Davao City since childhood, I have witnessed several developments in my hometown. Back in the day, there were fewer city regulations and not much violence in the country. Fast forward to today, city residents and visitors have experienced various changes that have ...

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Saging Repablik: Sagingese Cuisine in Davao

Saging Repablik Davao

Saging Repablik became a popular topic in social media conversations due to its fun #createyourownbananacue offering. What more is in Saging Repablik?

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Annipie for Cinnamon Rolls, Cakes and Pastries Deluxe

Annipie rolls

Annipie's signature Cinnamon Rolls has cottony-soft bread and a sublime cinnamon flavor that can rival even the famous cinnamon rolls in Metro Manila.

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Jelly Citea: Experience the World Through a Cup of Tea

Jelly Citea

Experience the excitement of being in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Macau and more through Jelly Citea's cheesy and creamy concoctions.

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Sooo Pinoy Dishes of The Ritz Hotel Davao: Pinakbet, Fresh Kinilaw and Bulalo

The Ritz Hotel at Garden Oases, best known for its convention center, offers Sooo Pinoy fresh kinilaw, bulalo and pinakbet with lechon kawali.

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Davao Milk Tea Search: 360 Degrees Hand Shaked Tea

Their milk teas come in different sizes, with prices ranging from P25 to P35. Pretty cheap, right? It sits right in front of Davao Doctors College, along Gen. Malvar Street, Davao City.

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Chika-an: Filipino Cuisine at Abreeza Mall

Chika-an is a famous Cebu-based restaurant that has been serving Filipino dishes to Cebuanos for many years now.

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Kasagingan Kapehan Offers Hot Snacks For The Cold Weather

To combat the freezing weather, We chose to warm up our cold bodies with their Hot Choco Mallows and TwoRon Ala Mode.

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Pronto Mario: Quick and Tasty Bites


Based on our gustatory experience today, this promising diner cafe is definitely worth a second visit.

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Tata Benito’s A Whole LATTE Love

Tata Benito's at Robinsons offers one of the best venues where you can just stop and watch other people outside as they go on with their fast and busy lives while you're enjoying some quiet time inside.

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Caffe Firenzo: Combining Style and Comfort

Caffe Firenzo serves its coffee with added comfort and style.

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Yuyu in Tagum: Worth the Road Trip!

We had a quick but super fun road trip with friends to Tagum, with no other agenda but to eat, have coffee, and enjoy our time together. Our first stop: Yuyu!

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Hotel Highlights: Marco Polo Davao

Marco Polo Davao

If you ask a regular Dabawenyo where he would like to bring guests for a luxurious stay in the city, the answer would most probably be the Marco Polo Davao.

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Christmas 2017 Holiday Mall Hours in Davao

Busy with Christmas shopping or holiday meetups? Check Christmas 2017 holiday mall hours in Davao!

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Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine Brings Unique Asian Flavors To Davao

hanoi vietnamese cuisine davao city dishes

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine has been in the business of bringing the best of Asian food by inviting Dabawenyos and tourists to "Taste Vietnam In Davao".

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Davao Bloggers Christmas Party 2016: The Fairest Night Of All

Fairest Night of All

The Fairest Night Of All: Davao Bloggers Christmas Party 2016 is happening tonight at The Ritz Hotel at Garden Oases!

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Happy Cakes: Yummy Desserts to Lift Your Mood

happy cakes

Happy Cakes by Zeny M. Home Cafe serves home-baked specialty cakes, sandwiches, pasta and rice meals as well as tea, coffee, milkshakes and juice blends.

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South by Mouth at SM Lanang Premier Features Davao’s Must-Try Gourmet Food

South by Mouth,the first-ever region-wide food festival in Mindanao, is happening at SM Lanang Premier on August 19 to 21, from 4pm to 10pm.

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Quick Day Trip From Manila to Tagaytay


We recently went on a quick day trip to Tagaytay, home of the breathtaking Taal Lake.

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5 Affordable Eats Near PWC Davao For Less Than P80

If you know where to look, you can find great food that’s within your budget and near the school! Check out these affordable foodie stops near PWC Davao.

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UP Diliman Food Trip: 5 Quick and Memorable Stops

UP Diliman food trip

We recently went on a UP Diliman food trip by eating at five popular and very interesting food stops within the UP Diliman campus.

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10 Out-of-the-Way Restaurants in Davao Worth Visiting

WonderfulMindaNOW cool spots

We recently embarked on a #WonderfulMindaNOW gastronomic adventure to cool-spot 10 unassuming, out-of-the-way cafes and restaurants in Davao that are worth visiting.

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Spotted: Christmas Wish for Davao International Airport

What is our Christmas wish for Davao International Airport? Check here.

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