10 Things Any 80’s Kid Who Grew Up In Davao Would Know

Summer in Davao has not changed too drastically from years past, but this season reminds me of how I enjoyed the city every time the school summer break started. This thought got me into a nostalgic mood, as I remembered how different Davao City was in the 1980s.

davao nostalgia 80s throwback

I began to remember bits and pieces of what made Davao City indelible in my heart. Not for long, I began writing down memories of Davao in the 80’s, which eventually resulted to this list.

If you grew up in Davao City during the 80’s, you should be able to remember some (if not all) of these 10 memories that are absolutely Davao!

1. Escalator at Datu Complex


The newfangled mobile staircase first appeared in Davao City at Datu Complex, a defunct shopping center along Bolton Street. It was popular for being the first and only escalator in Davao. I recall riding the narrow one-lane escalator to go up the second floor of Datu Complex, but I distinctly remember that there was no escalator going down! It was an exhilarating experience to hitch a ride on this technological breakthrough back then.

2. Standalone movie houses featuring “Double With” films

Lawaan Theater in Davao was one of the standalone cinemas in the 80's
Lawaan Theater in Davao was one of the standalone cinemas in the 80’s [source]
Long before people flocked to malls to watch movies, standalone cinemas were big in the 80’s. I can still remember the names of the popular movie houses by heart:

  • Garmon, Galaxy, Golden, and Ace (San Pedro and Ilustre Streets)
  • Ideal, Eagle, Odeon, Lawaan and Davao (Claveria / C.M. Recto Street)
  • Lyric and Crest (San Pedro Street)
  • Queens and Tagumpay (Bonifacio Street)

Many of these cinemas were known to show two films back-to-back, dubbed as “Double With” or simply D/W. Watching movies in cinemas back in the 80’s wasn’t complete without noticing the quintessential motto: “Relax… and see a movie” (other variations existed and even went as far as “Sit back, relax, watch a movie, win a bike!”). Before heading downtown to watch films, it was also standard fare to tune in to GMA 7 to catch the Metro Davao Movie Guide to know the list of movies “now showing” in local cinemas.

As soon as Victoria Plaza (the first mall in Davao City) set up shop with its six in-house cinemas, attendance in the standalone movie houses started dwindling until they were forced to close down.

3. Urban legend: Snake in a popular department store


There was a notorious word-of-mouth information during the 1980’s that mentioned one of the famous department stores in Davao was harboring a snake inside its premises. The gossip was that the reptile was found in one of the fitting rooms and was actually the owner’s pet or child who brought good luck to the store. This just goes to show how creative and imaginative Dabawenyos can be! The absurd news lingered for years until it slithered away to obscurity.

4. GAP Farm Orchard Resort, the ultimate field trip destination

That's me with the carabao statue at GAP Farm Orchard Resort.
That’s me with the carabao statue at GAP Farm Orchard Resort.

The tourist destination along Ma-a Diversion Road was unique in many ways. GAP Farm Orchard Resort was a downhill area from the highway but the view from the inside looked like you were in a mountain resort. The huge “Land of Promise” signage was a tourist attraction in itself. The entire resort was laden with statues of popular characters, including a giant cyclops that scared the living daylights out of children, and a pissing carabao that greeted visitors at the entrance. No wonder it was considered the primary destination for field trips and school excursions.

5. The “20 Seconds Of Darkness” shortcut between Magallanes and Ilustre Streets

The "20 seconds of darkness" shortcut can be seen on Google Maps!
The “20 seconds of darkness” shortcut can be seen on Google Maps!

During this decade, Ilustre was considered the place to be. If you were coming from the southern part of the city via public transport, the fastest way to Ilustre was through a shortcut called “20 seconds of darkness”. This narrow alley between Magallanes Street (near the Bankerohan market exit) and San Pedro Street exits beside the old Games & Garments store. In a matter of 20 seconds through this dark pathway, you could get to Ilustre in no time.

(Note: I’m not sure if “20 seconds of darkness” was an official name, or just something coined by my nephew Janjan!)

6. Crooked Road: the hair styling capital of Davao

Crooked Road was the hair styling capital of Davao City
Crooked Road was the hair styling capital of Davao City [source]
Where could you find the most number of parlors and open-air barber shops in the smallest of Davao City streets? Why, at the Crooked Road, of course! This extension of Ponciano Street is weirdly curved — hence the name — and is home to hair care centers. I remember having one of my first haircuts here, aside from the old Doming’s Barber Shop in Rizal Street.

7. Child’s picture from Cesar’s Portrait

That's me and Ate Josie posing for a studio shot at Cesar's Portrait
That’s me and Ate Josie posing for a studio shot at Cesar’s Portrait

If you were a kid in the 80’s, there’s a big chance that you had your toddler pictures taken at Cesar’s Portrait in City Hall Drive. The photo studio is famous for its framed portraits: grayscale or sepia side view shots of the child amidst a stark white background. The portrait looked simple but it was a huge trend back in the day. Cesar’s Portrait also offered colored picture prints, like the one above. The iconic signature at the bottom completes the package… and the memories.

8. Shopping For Premier Items at A&M

The old Davao A&M Store [source]
The old Davao A&M Store [source]
While Dabawenyos did their regular shopping at several department stores (JS Gaisano, Mantex Superstore, Gaisano Center and NCCC Uyanguren), Davao A&M was the premier shopping destination for brand-conscious people who fancied Armando Caruso hankies or Rainbow Brite toys. Davao A&M was probably this generation’s version of H&M. Yeah, that’s how elite the store was during the 80’s.

9. Christmas displays at Coca-Cola Ulas

Coca-Cola Ulas Plant was a big attraction during Christmas.
Coca-Cola Ulas Plant was a big attraction during Christmas [source]
The entire country celebrates Christmas in big ways, but no other Davao establishment could beat the Coke plant in Ulas in terms of Christmas decorations. I’m not talking about big Christmas trees or lanterns; that’s way too easy. The factory would put up elaborate moving displays like a giant Santa Claus waving to the vehicular traffic below or a huge Coke bottle pouring out its contents into a huge well. Year by year, Coke Ulas would put up larger-than-life Christmas displays that many Dabawenyos had come to anticipate.

10. Minica as taxicab

davao 80s minica

Taxi transport in Davao circa 1980s came in the form of the P.U., but the Mitsubishi Minica brought a unique brand of taxi experience in the city. The rest of the Philippines may recall this car model mentioned in the famous tongue twister “Minekaniko ni Monico ang makina ng Minica ni Monica”, but Dabawenyos knew the Minica as an 80’s taxicab. This miniature-sized vehicle reminds me of Mr. Bean’s car, and was popular as a public utility vehicle in the city. Taxi fare was determined not by a running meter but through verbal arrangements (or negotiations, if you will) with the driver.


Gaaaah! It was so difficult to sift through the dozens of memories that I have of Davao in the 80’s, but these ten are some of the best proofs that I grew up in Davao during the wild decade.

Do you have your own memories of Davao in the 1980’s? Hit me up in the comments below!

(Thanks to Leah, Ate Jojo, Monique, Janjan and Mabelle for your suggestions.)

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  1. Stand alone movie theaters in San Pedro Street Crest and Lyric Theaters then Merco restaurant was in the middle. I used to watch movies there for free since it was owned by relatives and eat at Merco after watching. Too bad it burned down and now transformed into a mall

    • How about the sugar and spies where the cheapest halo halo sell,the Emmaus hall in front of merco Bolton,and the gaisano center with their fast food at the lower level, the aroma grocery beside of Bolton restaurant famous for their pancit canton and siopao. I totally missing all this!

  2. Oh Davao! 🙂 Miss the good ol’ days! I made a similar blog post in ’09.

  3. What about “Times Beach”, Davao Insular Hotel, House of Lord Anthony for our scouting stuff, and the Kodaker at Rizal Park.

    I like most the PU 🙂 and those little jeepneys that are still plying San Pedro to Mt.Apo, City HIgh, Ponciano. 🙂

    Nice article. Brought me back to my childhood memories.

  4. HAHAHAHA super spot on!!! Natawa ako sa Caruso hankies 😀 Relate much!!! We even had to put them on our shoulders para lang maipakita na Caruso siya 😀

    • Haha … brings me back to my wild and happy high school days in UM main … Caruso hankies, Chickies and Patties lunch , Merco bibingka, Dencia’s tokwa’t baboy… nothing beats home. I miss everything about Davao… especially 80’s… ang sarap maging bata. Salamat sa author , great job!! Thank you for taking us down to memory lane . Amazing

  5. I love this blog. It reminds me of my childhood days. Thank you for writing this.

  6. While browsing the numbered items, memories come flushing and I cannot help but smile because I can relate to all the photos : the endless escalator ride; the choosing movies with “doublewith” (d/w); the fear of getting inside the fitting room; the giant cyclops inside the Gap cave; the passing through the dark narrow alley; where the barbers give good massage after a haircut; where Cesars use the same background in photo shooting; the impression “you are rich” if you shop at A&M; how the Coca cola management creates magnifying Xmas displays and the P.U where you cant sit comfortably.
    Having experienced all of these, I remained one proud Dabawenya and a typical 80s baby 🙂

  7. Times beach pud! Dili ka taga davao kung wala pud ka ka swim2 diri..

  8. Dencia’s Restaurant, Asia Restaurant , Molave Restaurant and Harana should be included.

    Roller Dome Matina & Roller Dome Victoria Plaza as well.


    • Rollerdome opened early 1992.

    • Dencia’s and Harana have been around since the 1960s.

      Dencia’s, which is known for its saucy pancit canton, lumpiang shanghai, lugaw and tokwa’t baboy, used to be located at the corner of Ilustre St., near what is now People’s Park. It moved to its present location (Gen. Luna St., across Gaisano Citi Mall) in the early 2000s. Dencia’s was also a popular venue for wedding receptions back in the day.

      Harana was a favorite dining destination for children in the 1980s because of its wide garden and playground. The kids will just play around while the parents wait for their orders of chicken barbecue, ribs and kinilaw. Aside from its non-airconditioned barbecue house, the old Harana compound featured a streak house and a Mongolian barbecue area. Sadly, Harana’s iconic garden was no longer around when I last visited the place some three years ago. In fact, today’s Harana looked completely different from the Harana of my childhood. The quality of their food, however, remains the same.

      Asia, which specializes in crab dishes, is one of many old-school Chinese restaurants in Davao City along with Kusina Dabaw, Taipan, Haltan, China Royale, Majestic and Famous. Many of them (including Asia) are still in existence today.

      Molave closed its last branch some years back. The good news is you can still enjoy their signature greaseless fried chicken through the Yellow Fin restaurant, thanks to one of their cooks who used to work at Molave.

  9. I will never forget DENCIA’s. we always eat there and order the same food over and over again. lumpia shanghai and goto. and the famous tokwa’t baboy will always be in our table.
    thanks for post! i love it.
    never been home since 2003 and i miss my hometown and the DURIAN!

  10. Nice trip down memory lane. 🙂

  11. You missed to mention Life and Tagumpay theaters along Claveria and Bonifacio sts!

  12. I remember well all of them, Im from the 80s indeed! But what about the ACJeep esp the route to city high, the durian-shaped fountain, the bagobo life-size monument in ulas, times beach, etc

  13. A&M’s and Christmas for me… i think A&M ‘s more like the Rustan’s of Davao…

  14. ang tawag sa taxi na minica, P. U. 🙂

  15. Adriel G. Alinsub

    Super like it…

  16. ONE OF MY FAVORITE RESTAURANTS IN DAVAO WAS GOODY GOODY. It was located inside aldevinco shopping center. Another one is the DAVAO FAMOUS restaurant shere you can order pancit hiba satemi.

  17. oh damn, I can still remember having a haircut waay back when barbers still use the old fashioned blades that they rub on leather. Love this post!

  18. As far as I can remember, Datu Complex wasn’t the first and only escalator in Davao in the 80s. Lawaan Theater Bldg also has an escalator.

  19. Addition to stand-alone cinemas:
    1. Rey Cinema in Agdao
    2. Center along CM Recto
    3. Tagumpay along Bonifacio

  20. Ma. Sarah T. Asilo

    At that time, there was another destination (besides the GAP) where we boright our guests: the Sto Nino Shrine in Matina. It had a Via Crucis, several chapels, a playground, a Retreat House, a souvenir shop, a canteen, etc. One also got a view of the entire city of Davao and Samal Island.

    At present, people flock to Jack Ridge which is just across from the Shrine. It features, eateries, a swimming pool and also a view of the City from different sides. Rarely do I hear anyone mention the Shrine nowadays.

  21. Who can forget the popular flea-ridden cinemas “Tagumpay” and “Life”…. rite of passage venues for many urban male Dabawenyos.

  22. Sansan Fernandez

    I could relate to all 10 things you mentioned here. So true. All of it. I also got the high in my life when I rode the one-way escalator in Datu Complex.

    Another Davao-mark what used to be Gaisano Illustre (now called JS Gaisano South). Every Christmas time, when we shop for gifts, you would surely meet somebody you know.

    The most popular beach was Times Beach and Dumoy Beach.

    How about Coney Island in Illustre St? I loved their cone wafer.

    Also Bookworm, where you can barrow popular love stories like Mills & Boons, Silhouette Romance and the like.

    Thank you for this article. It brought back happy memories for me and my husband who came to Davao in 1989.

  23. Sansan Fernandez

    ooohhhh…. you got me going….

    I need to add One-Down Disco, Venee’s Hotel and Maguindanao Hotel.

  24. beside datu complex the play station arcade I dunno what exact name is.., one of my favorite hang out when I was a child.

  25. Mao gyud ni tanan!

  26. Merun rin palang Crooked Road. Kala ko Mang Doming yung classic. hehe.

    A and M is the highlight. DUn aku bumibili dati ng Bench atsaka Maui and Sons tshirts. Love it! Makes people know what my age is now. haha!

    Nice post. Very interesting!

  27. Nice post. I’m a certified Davao 80’s kid. Please do include the Merco. I still remember that we used to eat Merco with my family every Jan. 1st because it’s the only establishment open during the new year. Also, i agree with you on the A&M. I still remember that when my dad were looking for gift items for my mom, he used to go to A&M. And i also go with hum because everytime we went there, i always have armando caruso hanky when we leave the shop.
    Gap and Villa Victoria and Shrine were among of the three places that includes on the every field trip itinerary. In Gap farm, when i was a kid, i and my friends used to go inside on the giant shoe even on the “urine” smell. lol
    We make sure that before we left the farm, we have a souvenir photo on the giant carabao from the entrance…

  28. I love this!!!

  29. i remember the first elevator in Datu Complex, its near our house in Bolton and I use to buy grocery there during my young age
    Galaxy is where I went on my first date

  30. How can you forget Taps? How about Merco ( as mentioned in the comments)? These two deserves in the top ten. Nwei, Nice article and thank you for bringing our memories back to the 80’s.

  31. jesus junior de la cruz

    Pta grounds should be one of the few things any football players in davao would remember!how i miss that,turned into people’s park now.

    • I love to reminisce the 80’s . Thank you for this post, PTA grounds used to have that rectangular swimming pool next to DECS office

  32. Hi Chito,

    Is your mom Flor De Castro?


    • Chito | DavaoBase.com

      Hi Ben. Yes, my mother’s name is Flor, who was a teacher in Ateneo de Davao college. How do you know her? 🙂

      • Wow! my reply is a year later.

        I am a BS Math student in Ateneo where Mam Flor was one time the Math Department head. 🙂

        Also, we are neighbors when you were still living in Artiaga. You leave just beside our house. I still remember you father. He drives this cool owner-type Jeep. You were still a baby at the time. I don’t think your sister will remember me.

        I miss you mom. She was my Statistics teacher and one of my mentors. She hired us to assist a couple of research in Ateneo.


        • Chito | DavaoBase.com

          Wow, thanks for the kind words! It’s amazing how the Internet can make the world so much smaller. I hope you’re doing great. Take care po! 🙂

        • I just stumble on this forum, and being born in Davao, I can relate to all this post. Makamingaw. Its 2018 and I hope Ben Dacudao can read this. I am also from Artiaga, aka, Padre Faura. I graduated elementary in Light Bringer School, which is less than a kilometer from our house.

          • Hello Cenon,

            We live adjacent to your your too. At the back.. 🙂

            Jong-jong Yuson is my childhood barkada.

            Any I know Jamel, Ann, Bing and Tetet 🙂

          • What year were you at Light Bringer School? Our batch was with Ana Shella Laxa, Ambet Gapultos, Reon Tirol, Arnulfo Mapayo, Michael Castillo and Lori Ann (?). Although I left in 1983 so I didn’t finish 6th grade there, but will forever remember Ma’am Lacsamana in her rocking chair. The kids kneeling on monggo beans and/or with arms out.

  33. One Down and Vegas discos, Papas Pizza, Dacoville buses (parked beside Merco at Rizal St.), Small Time Bbq BESIDE Lawaan theatre, Jimmy’s (along McArthur highway), Alemar’s among others

  34. Oh my davao … still oh my davao city

  35. What happened to Ilustre where the famous Aming Bahay was and the Aldevinco shopping Center at CM recto? The famous Me Hang Supermarket infront of Biema Shoe Repair at C.M Recto and lastly the Boy’s Scout Building..near the Post Office..was that Ponciano Street? .hahahaah those were the days!

  36. My family being a pioneer to this city remembers all the photos posted.Good thing you still have them.Really brings back memories. More power.

  37. I truly miss those places. I leave in the heart of the city and all those places were accessible to me.

  38. Dalawa ang escaaltor that time… bukod sa Datu Complex meron rin sa Lawaan Theater

  39. Maria Victoria Placer

    One of Davao’s pride & favorite is Dencia’s Restaurant which used to be along Anda St but now sits at Juan Luna St….. You should never miss the traditional goto, tokwa’t baboy & lumpia shanghai plus the walang kamatayang pancit…..

  40. Maria Victoria Placer

    Students used to go to Horizon where live bands played folk-rock music while eating barbecue with a cup of rice placed on a banana leaf over a coco midrib tray while drinking a bottle of Coke or San Miguel Pale Pilsen….

  41. The big shoe is not n gap, but is in villa victoria beach…now mergrande right?

  42. Charo Marasigan-Soberano

    I remember having to step over certain areas of the floor in Felcris Ilustre and Gaisano for fear of the floor opening up to swallow me to be fed to the “snake”.

  43. While on the subject of food … Mother Baker, Noodle Sams nr Ilustre

  44. feeling rich gyud ko kung maka sulod ko aning store nani. Everytime I go back to dvo whenever I pass that corner where A&M was mingawon gyud ko.i wish wala sila manera.:(

  45. You did not mention times beach / talomo beach every feast of San Juan ad to gyud dayon mi or any weekend basta summer

  46. ATM plaza, victoria plaza skating ring 😀


  48. super like!..I remember when I was five years old, i’m playing escalator sa datu complex naipit akong tsinilas, gikusi jud ko sa akong manang(sister) lota sales lady siya sa datu complex, before sa datu lima…hehehhe….gikataw-an lang ko sa babaeng tomboy nga taba nga igsoon ni sir william lima,…

    • Hello Fernando, I know your sister, Lota. Asa na sya? Ang babaeng tomboy nga taba, is not igsoon ni William, but our Auntie… hehe, Igsoon of my mother.

  49. Life is Here! Sana isinali ang mga isda ng malalaking aquarium sa underground level ng Gaisano Center Bolton.. tapos ang Velasco Bookstore! How bout Alemars?

    Bout d crooked road, i was told na dati eh maraming beer haus dyan and ang lumalabas eh sumi zigzag kung lumakad, kaya tinawag raw na crooked road..

    • I was wondering what were the names of the old builings along Bonifacio streets and their functions.
      baka alam nyo po rixs dee

  50. Chito | DavaoBase.com

    Wow, thank you all for your comments! Nalingaw pud ko ug basa sa inyong mga replies. It was really difficult to choose ten memories among the other possible entries. Because of your overwhelming response, I guess Part 2 for this post is definitely a go! 🙂

    • Can’t wait for the part 2…. More power to you

    • mary grace andas-opinion

      let us not forget the very first Gaisano in Claveria

    • Lingaw kaau mag remember down memory lane. We call your ’20 seconds darkness’ as just ‘Ilustre Shortcut’. I remembered getting hilot from one of the barbers along Magallanes St before going to the Ilustre Shortcut.
      We did our college pictorial at Cesar’s.
      I remembered being scared of snakes at NCCC Uyanguren. Gaisano -UM was rumored to have snakes too.
      I used to buy cassette tapes for my Discman at Gaisano-UM, and also stationeries.
      After Sunday church at San Pedro, we routinely shopped at Datu Complex.
      There was a fountain between San Pedro Church and Sanggunian building.; I had a picture there.
      We used to pick jeepneys with the loudest stereo, and snob the quiet old ones.

  51. I wonder why the renowned New Life Trading and Shoe Emporium were not mentioned. Likewise, Mekeni Abe BBQ, the 1st to offer Free Rice on your 2nd order along Anda street.Likewise, Morenzi for the latest style of Colleione Polo shirts. Finally, who can’t miss the Hot Pandesal of Peter Pan? Miss Davao in the 80’s…

  52. Love this article. Made me remember happy thoughts of my childhood. Thanks for writing this.

  53. Pampanguenas canteen/ carenderiabat the old davao airport

  54. Pls. Add GT waffle stand at corner Ilustre infront of Bookworm and Aming Bahay restaurant near Galaxy theater.. And Galaxy Arcade.. Also Dover Lanes

  55. If you are an 80’s kid, you would remember the

    1. Piso fare
    2. Famous field trip spot: Philippine Eagle
    3. Velasco bookstore in San Pedro
    4. Famous playground: PTA grounds at the back of Kapitan Tomas Elem. School
    5. Old Airport at Sasa
    6. The helipad in “kanto” Damosa (now gateway)
    7. Maryknoll beach resort in front of Fortune Homes
    8. Gaisano Center in front of UM Bolton
    9. Famous FairLanes for bowling in F. Torres St.
    10. Love Bargain Bazaar in San Pedro st.

    • Chito | DavaoBase.com

      Wow, thanks for making this list! I also remember the items on your list except the Damosa helipad because I haven’t reached that far when I was a kid. Hehe… Major props for mentioning the “piso fare”. Haha, good call! 🙂

      • Iapil pud ang El Madrid sa Claveria, Cheery’s, Banco Davao sa San Pedro, Davao Bearing Ilustre nga naay bolitas mag sigeg bangga ubang bolitas, tourist lodge kanto sandawa ug marina.

    • Elpidio Marteja, Jr.

      Kindly include Alemars at Ateneo de Davao, Claveria ( C.M. Recto) St. , Lachmi Emporium at San Pedro St. where I used to buy cheap calculator while studying in college. The bancas traversing Davao River from Magallanes side of the river to Maa side of Bankerohan bridge, vice versa. I enjoyed riding them every Sunday going to Citizen Military Training formation either at Agro-Industrial Foundation College or at UM Matina Engineering campus.Of course, you cannot forget China town at Uyanguren and Monteverde Streets.

    • Yuh! Especially the white-tiled basement foodcourt na amoy aquarium.

  56. How about chickies and patties?
    Velasco Bookstore

    Trip down memory lane indeed!
    Happy and proud 80’s kid here.

  57. mao gyud, howbout that bowling center sa ilustre, i forgot the name. times beach sa ecoland. ang pangit na magsaysay park noon. ang alsa masa ng davao, the start of npa free era of davao, ang mga pachoy choy ug pachay chay na mga istudyante ^_^

  58. Mindanao Lodge at La Fortuna iGrocery

  59. How about Cecil’s restaurant, dover lanes, aldevinco shopping mall, villa victoria beach resort and of course TAP’s.

  60. loving the shortcut thing! Always my way home back my elementary daya 🙂

  61. Awesome article brings back memories. Mar doneys is also a place to hang out very 80’s that was

  62. Wow easy ride jeep with 50cents pasahe aparently become peso the big coin, 5 pesos PU or minica ride with.in the city, 1 peso coke 8 ounce and tinapa was 75cents.

    my favorite candies caramel and tarzan would make my day. at public school 25 cents will do 10cents for ice candy and 15cents for maruya.Molave restuarant at matina during every graduation /merco ice cream dadies treat and galaxy or garmon theater if superman ,et or starwars was the main attraction. nice blog keep it up.

  63. wala ka nagdako sa davao during the 80s kung dili nimo kaila si Pansit! Si Pansit nga manguhit lang ug kalit 🙂

    • bitaw si pansit nga naa sa SanPedro Cathedral dapita. she was limping maglakaw..dis-a na kaha sya?

    • Pansit is now under the care of CO SU GIAN Home for the Aged in Brgy. Cabantian, Buhangin District. I saw her there last year and I could hardly recognize her because she is not the Pansit I saw back then along San Pedro St. By the time I saw her, she was well-groomed at the said institution.

    • I remember Pansit as a kid, a very cheerful lady with some missing teeth and one contracted arm… You’re right manguhit lang ug kalit asking for money or food. I remember the salesladies in our store giving her a plateful sud-an og kan-on … she have one hearty appetite…Those were the days…. I remember going to Felcris for their Seconds Levi’s Jeans ( irregular more cheaper and fits my mom’s budget)… I love going to A & M buying quality clothes ( only when the’re on sale)… I love Mardoney’s for it’s mouth-watering pastries ,the sylvana, beehive, to nsme a few… merco, doughboy… those were the days…..what a way to rrminisce and walk down the memory lane……

    • korek.. ug si juan hahahhaha

  64. Apila pud ang delumbar

  65. How bout games n garments n d bump cars

  66. Hi Chito, 🙂

    Your pic with ate josie is very cute hehehehe…

    Don’t forget Peter Pan’s Jelly Roll…always present in any birthday or christmas party since we did not have the luxury of Goldilocks or Red Ribbon back then hahahahahaha.

    Also, Mardoney’s Beehive cupcake and cream puff (one of the best in Davao back then), Cecil Bakeshop’s Pancit Luglug, Sunburst sa Anda (not sure if that was the original street where it was located), Brian’s Steakhouse in Ilustre 🙂

    Lastly, back in the 80’s, Ateneo GS and HS had a very, very visible and huge frontfield which was like a landmark (at least for me) if one passes along matina highway.

    • Chito | DavaoBase.com

      Thanks for dropping by, Kat! Back then, jelly roll and lechon manok were already considered luxury food items. And yeah, I also remember the front (and back) fields of Ateneo Grade School. 🙂

  67. I love this blog. Even though I grew up in Tagum but I had so much memories of Davao city itself. I’m Cebu based now practically 30 years already and I miss my home region. Thanks.

  68. This is a very nice read and a pleasantly nostalgic trip down memory lane! To add to your list of iconic establishments in Davao during the 80s, another popular barber shop was Doming’s at Anda. Right beside it was the House of Lord Anthony for all your scouting requirements and regalia, Calolot/Godos/Kalayaan Beach Resort in Toril for Sunday beach picnics, and, of course, Cecil’s Snack Inn. Lastly, A&M may have been the place to buy apparel, but the go-to place for the widest variety of topsiders and docksides was Aldevinco.

  69. Also the sampalokan area where we used to steal sampalok and chased by the dogs (now its the NBI office). Or the kasagbutan area (now Victoria plaza) where we used to hike to go to school from USEP to San roque elementary school route. Or the ferri’s wheel and carnival area in ponciano ( now it’s the post office) were I remember the first and last time I went with my parents. Good ole days!

  70. nice post! nice pud daghan kaau comments!
    part 2 n pud…

  71. Thank you for bringing back memories, relate much. Every saturday is cinema day and eagle or odeon theater is a favourite one to see our idol vilma santos or nora aunor, the rizal park and magsaysay park where a bunch of durian is displayed, the famouse luz kinilaw place and riding the PU FM minica owned by my uncle. Oh… Dont forget our san pedro cathedral too.

  72. For those who loved to go out every night ..mardoney’s with fifty’s themed design ambiance,vegas – best disco house , cruisin for minus one treat, mang Tura bulalo after a hard drinking night and now all just a memory..but the best time ever one can remember ..

  73. Hoe about Mardoneys? Mind blowing kaayo ang concept of fried ice cream before. 🙂

  74. How about Mardoneys? Mind blowing kaayo ang concept of fried ice cream before. 🙂

  75. Good old memories… i lived at bolton isla during that days… so we can easily go at datu complex, tpos pagupit dayon ko sa ” christ the king ” barber shop…. ker shoe center for new shoes, play arcade at “ATU plaza” during hi.skul days… tnx for this list bring me back to the past…

    • I remember Ker-Shoe. I used to buy my schools shoes there. Also “greg shoes” – yung makintab na nga… Located somewhere in uyangureen
      Good memories of the 80’s indeed…

    • If there is a Papa’s pizza, there is a Mama’s pizza.. Does anyone here can still remember the Mama’s pizza .. Wherein you can find them in any sidewalk of davao. They just place their portable oven on top of the table. Wherein you can order/grab the pizza at anytime..

  76. hey guys,
    let me add a few! hehehehe

    valmores tailoring sa claveria
    fair lanes bowling sa torres
    ang kumpetensiya sa biema—-gj santos shoes sa san pedro
    ang horizon
    ang bulkachong
    ang PTA sa camus—- those memories! heheheheh
    ang big john burger
    ang borgaily’s competensiya sa A&M
    ang johnny manila textile
    ang the venue

    my davao! our davao! we use to have banco davao!

    nostalgic indeed

    • Chito | DavaoBase.com

      That’s a great list you got there, cleo. Glad to know that the old Davao is still in all of our hearts. 🙂

  77. Malativas bbq in bonifacio; otto shoes, huckleberry, honey bear, golden brown then in ilustre hidden in an eskinita loop 🙂 alemars and velasco bookstore were also a hit.
    Love this blog!

    • Several shortcuts aside from magallanes-ilustre: the ponciano-central bank which most city high students use, and the quirino-st.jude access after buying custard cake from doughboy

      • Chito | DavaoBase.com

        Haha, I didn’t know these shortcuts. Thanks for sharing!

      • I do remember the Ponciano – Central Bank shortcut coz most City High boys would frequent the billiard hall on the entry of the shortcut from Central Bank…. good times!!! 🙂

      • Elpidio Marteja, Jr.

        The shortcut from central bank ( Tomas Claudio St. now Quirino Ave.) to Ponciano passes through Matute Estate and still existing today but already a smaller alley now due to occupants.

  78. Merco, Villa Victoria, Plaza (in front of Merco where you can watch live NBA games), 2-way streets in downtown area, Park & Shop, etc..

  79. Bonifacio monument along magallanes, claveria & washington where my childhood playground is.

  80. Here are the places that I still remembered:
    -Cecilles bake shop.
    -Bus terminus at Boys scout claveria(now post office)
    -Mehang Groceries at claveria( next to aldevinco)
    -Queens cinema
    -Still the famous Magsaysay park.
    -Shakeys at illustre and Dunken donuts.
    -Fatima Church
    -Metropolis disco( Mts in the 80’s)

  81. The first Gaisano Store in Davao was in C. M. Recto St., right in front of Life Theatre…. For UM students, Grandma’s Bakeshop was among the favorite merienda joint near the school…

  82. NPA(red) vs Alsa Masa(blue) vandalism on the walls of Davao City. Alemars Bookstore. Reolsyl Bus Terminal (Magsaysay corner Jacinto St.). CYO Gym for concerts and PBA games.

  83. Skating rink in Victoria Plaza :))

  84. during 80’s, aside aning top 10 niya. naa pud koy dili malimtan at that time. ang ker shoe center kung asa mi nagpalit ug sapatos ug sinilas (tsinelas). short cut from mantex gawas sa magallanes para muderetso ug magallanes elem school, ang first opening sa jollibee sa bolton ug first akong napalit diha is ang peach mango pie ky mao pa man ang ma afford nako. isa sa sikat na diskohan dati is ang acropolis disco. ang 25-cent fare sa bangka sa bkerohan river. ang PTA ground ky dha ko gatambay sauna bago ko mouli sa balay. mao pa lang nang mga highlights so far sa akong mga di malimtan.

    • Chito | DavaoBase.com

      Daghan bitaw kaayo kog mahinumduman, Moises. Kadto pung shortcut sa Mantex padulong Magallanes kay maagi-an ang clinic sa akong pedia, si Dr. Honorio dela Cruz. 🙂 Salamat sa pagcomment!

    • It was in 1991 that Jollibee opened its store – its 100th – in Davao, the place kung asa ang founder nidako.

  85. Skating rink at Victoria Plaza :))

  86. how about c pablos leather goods,borgailys and everlasting..dont forget coco colection..pines billiard hall all along in san pedro st..

  87. roberto a. delos reyes

    OH!! Memory lane…for more older ones. theaters such as Life, Eagle, Tagumpay, and in uyanguren the Roxy. There was also an exotic animal zoo fronting the old San Pedro Church (now cathedral); Streets of Davao have Calezas driven by horses, while taxi fare has a flag down rate of 15 centavos which when i told my nephew said to me that it is a price/rate from another planet. hehe.

  88. oops mantex at san pedro st…i and my cousin does have great memories in dvo..espcialy at san pedro st kung ssan kmi lumaki..we order chinese food at men seng san pedro pa pla…we buy clothes usually at felcris..hehe! taps ilustre js gaisano at ilustre..classic hosptal limso and fabie..

  89. Mad Max disco? Anyone?

    • Chito | DavaoBase.com

      I vaguely remember Mad Max Disco. Was that in Legaspi Street?

    • used to be called Double Dutch before renamed to Mad Max. It was operated by 92.3 WTFM. Talking about disco houses, 80s got Disco Vegas along Gov. Duterte St. (used to be Malvar Etx.), One Down (before being renamed to Spams) at The Apo View Hotel and Jimms along McArthur Highway, Matina.

  90. Sir I remember the Luz Kinilaw whch is hangtud kron naa pa man. that time daghan sila didto naglumbay h ha h ha

    • Chito | DavaoBase.com

      Thanks for commenting, bebot. Unfortunately, the Luz Kinilaw establishment was destroyed by a huge fire during this year’s Holy Week. 🙁

  91. tapos ang davao famous restaurant sa uyanguren we always buy lomi didto very delicious ang mga pagkaon… pila ang tao pirmi

  92. And there was ZION DRUG accross Lyric theater and Merco. And along zion Drug there was Shoeland on the right and Central Bank on the left. I used to worked in Zion Drug. San Pedro St. that time was the center for businesses and offices until later on Uyangurin became famous because of NCCC.

  93. And there was ZION DRUG. And along zion Drug there was Shoeland on the right and Central Bank on the left. I used to worked in Zion Drug. San Pedro St. that time was the center for businesses and offices until later on Uyangurin became famous because of NCCC.

  94. May I add Big John Burger, inside Mantex and another branch at corner Claveria-Bonifacio… CYO Gym for the PBA Games and other big-time basketball games. Then Late 80’s na bing uban, ORange Brutus, Tower of Pizza, Coco Collections… NBA games Via Satellite at PLAZA (Bolton St.)..

  95. Morag nalimtan man ang komikan Sa may Gaisano Center, atbang gyud Sa UM Bolton… Pang past time Sa mga wala budget Sa sinehan… But I really love this blog, if you still have a picture of gaisano claveria… Please add it to your blog… Thanks

    • wow!!! nice blog! i remember the 80s in davao nakatawa ko sa cesar’s photo studio naa pud mi picture sa akong manghud didto exactly the same position sa imong ate hahahah
      naa pa koy na remember sa 80s
      -THRIFTY MART man yata to katong nagabaligya ug roasted chicken nga lami kalinya to sa CHERRY’S nga bakery dapit sa claveria
      -ug syempre katong mga nagabaligya ug mga bag kilid sa gaisano center katong naay shortcut from UM bolton padulong sa claveria
      -ug ang LORIVEE’S CANTEEN sa gawas sa UM bolton
      -UNIVERSITIES SUPPLY pud sa UM bolton gihapon hehehe
      -BOLTON RESTAURANT lami ang siopao didto
      -ang KUSINA DABAW nga hangtod karon still going strong
      -SHANGHAI RESTAURANT still alive
      -MERCO nga memory na lang karon kay wala jud sila ka survive 🙁

      so love ur blogs looking forward for the PART 2 heheheh

      • Chito | DavaoBase.com

        Same pose talaga sa Cesar’s? I guess their template worked during that time. Haha!

        • cesar and sid palima

          Thanks so much for your blog. Our family and friends enjoyed it so much. Thank you for choosing Cesar’s Portrait as part of 80’s memories of Davao City. Very nostalgic and we’re glad to let you know that we will be celebrating our 45 years in the business this coming October 2015.
          As part of our gratitude to you, we are giving you a Free 10×15 blow up picture with Frame (of you or with your family). Mind you, we still have the same background (lol) if you request…(joke) We have upgraded to digital world and have lots of backgrounds to choose from or props, etc. but we retain our ICON (CESAR’S logo) and we still live up to our motto:”CAPTURING PRECIOUS MOMENTS OF YOUR LIFE AND PRESERVING MEMORIES”
          SEE YOU AT OUR STUDIO AT THE SAME ADDRESS: CITY HALL DRIVE. Please bring a copy of this reply and show to our receptionist. We are open Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 7 PM.
          We also have our sister company which is Yoyong Palima Photography at 3rd Floor GMall, Davao City.
          More power to you. Keep up the good job.

          Mr. & Mrs. Cesar and Sid Palima, Sr.
          Cesar’s Portrait Inc.
          City Hall Drive
          Davao City

          • Chito | DavaoBase.com

            Thank you and congratulations on your upcoming 45th year anniversary. More power to you! We will be sending you an email. 🙂

          • I still remember the old Cesar’s portrait along Magallanes, and there was a sari-sari store on the ground floor where we buy our baon while waiting for the school bus.

            I know the place very well because our house is right at the back of it.

            Just beside our place was a grassy area where we play with the kids of Magallanes, when it was not occupied by the trade fair, karnabal or perya. Menseng Hotel now occupies the place.

            Also along Magallanes st. is RMC, and at the corner of Magallanes and Quirino Ave going to Bankerohan was the longest serving and functioning traffic light.

        • mga djs happy la, sugar baby

  96. Please include sunburst fried chicken in your part2 article located along legaspi st. We always eat here during special occassions. Na miss nko ilang take out box na tali lng ang pang close…hehe.

    I also remember playing nintendo family computer; contra, circus n super mario at mantex, san pedro st.

  97. I think some of the inputs above came in the 90’s na. Like the jogging path ng PTA grounds. Sa 80’s kasi hindi pa siya ground until it caught fire late 90’s.

    Mantex was superb! wow, after how many decades, ngayon ko nalang ulit narinig ang Mantex.

    I can vividly remember how fearful I am with those “legendary giants” in GAP farm and may signange pa nga papunta sa GAP na nakasulat “Beware, Giant is sleeping”

    There was no overpass yet, so busy masyado yung going to and fro buhangin.

    Nova Tierra Village, Fortune Homes, Dona Pilar, sa 80’s they have buses na sa bolton ang waiting.

    Wag po natin kalimutan na nung wala pang Jollibee at Mcdo which only came in the 90’s, choice lagi ng family for sunday-after-church lunching ay ang Orange Brutus tska Chickes and Patties. =)

  98. Papas Pizza and Mommys Pizza, nung wala pang Greenwich, Pizza Hut and Shakeys!

  99. Love to reminisce these places:
    There the PisoBusog tapad sa aldevinco didto mi naga lunch after morning class sa Ateneo.
    Delumbar- we used to have chicken bbq sa ilang open counter sa dalan sanpedro- magallanes
    Happy Emporium nga perteng daghanang tawo mamalit ug sapatos
    Barrio Gaisano -along malvar st. same street used to be where the first Shakey’s pizza was
    And then that Alan’s Commercial where we used to buy school supplies. sa Narel’s bookstore,
    Alemar’s Bookstore ug ang namaligya sa pritong saging kilid sa ADDU claveria gate
    Jelly roll sa Peter Pan, ilustre
    and then the surot bites I got after watching d/w movie sa Davao Moviehouse along Claveria st
    Cherry’s Foodarama almost fronting that Seiko service centre.
    Those were the days..keep posting some more Chito. thanks

    • Chito | DavaoBase.com

      You’re welcome Janette. There’s really so much 80’s memories to put into words. Good thing the comments section exists! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  100. trully davao memories … i remember all .. davao the best

  101. was looking for Alemar’s

  102. Davao A&M store was way fancier than retail crap H&M, far from being ‘elite’. Only the middle and upper class shop at Davao A&M because of its overpriced goods.

  103. top ten for me aside from chito’s list are :

    1. Perlon Supermarket just beside JS gaisano in Ilustre
    2. Mar doneys in Ilustre ( they were the first to offer french fries )
    3.Felcris Supermarket
    4. Bolton Bridge
    5.Bucana ( near Blvd)
    6.Dencia’s Lugaw in Ilustre
    7.Delumbar ( famous for their BBQ in San Pedro
    8. AC jeep in going to City High and downtown
    9.ICC in Bankerohan ( now UIC)
    10. Harvardian ( Malvar St. )

  104. hehehehe nice blog post i can relate pero daming kulang hahah

  105. Kids from 80’s buy their pet fish at PETWORLD… t’was a popular petshop back then.. my mom used to bring me their for my fave goldfish! 🙂

  106. Ka remember mo sa Mommy’s ug Papa’s pizza ba to? Kanang nakita nimo na pizza sa kalsada. puti iyahang box.

  107. Thanks much for your post…it’s a wonderful trip down memory lane of the Davao that we all love! I used to remember buying my shoes at Good Earth Shoeland along San Pedro St., eat halo-halo and the sumptuous hamburger at Merco’s beside Lyric Theater. We used to bathe along the beaches of Talomo, particularly at Salakot Village, Times and Sunrise in Toril. Who could forget buying our Happy Feet bakya and Rempson shoes at Aldevinco and stop by Goody Bakeshop, or sample ice cream at Davao Ice Cream House…Ahhh soo many memories of Davao then and now….Davao is the best and the place to be!

  108. Anyone also remember the white and yellow Annil buses?

  109. Mad mAx disco bar sa Bolton, kusina Dabaw @ San Pedro, and also The Lachmi along San Pedro also..

  110. Apila pod ang Davao Best Bakery along Bolton Street nga kinadugayan na. Ulitawo pa akong anhing Tatay Pepe nga usa siya sa mga baker adtong panahona hangtud early 20s naa lang gihapon. Ambot lang ug naa pa ba karon. Ang mga taga City Hall didto mamainit kay lamian ilang pan.

  111. Terasa Melisa (not sure sa spelling)along anda cor rizal streets taas ng pacific bank kahilera ng bacalyon bldg

  112. Terasa Melisa (not sure sa spelling)along anda cor rizal streets taas ng pacific bank kahilera ng bacalyon bldg

  113. Anyone remember Mardonny’s? It was a cafe next to the first Shakey’s pizza place. Also, to the left of the tunnel of darkness was a billiard place where I play with my friends. Anyone remember the betamax tapes rental places back then? lol The biggest collection was a place across Davao Doctor’s. There was also a store next to the video arcade where we buy imported Denon and Maxell cassette tapes for our mix tapes lol. Anyone remember those peddlers who offered rubber shoes along the streets of San Pedro and Claveria? Anyone remember Queensland hotel?

  114. Ang alemars ba was built in during the 80s? 😀

  115. 80s rin ba ang alemars and velasco booksho
    p? 😀

  116. 80s is for betamax rental shops. JAWS, RED EYE, COLUMBIA and others that could be found in every corner of the downtown areas!

    • Chito | DavaoBase.com

      Wow, betamax! It was soooo long ago when I last heard that term. Suki mi tong una sa betamax / VHS rental shop in ilustre, which I think is now Mercury Drug. 🙂

  117. Magsaysay park unya dretso Luz Kinilaw brad! hehe awesome post 🙂

  118. +++++ Spams

  119. Nothing beats Davao in the 80’s- an easy-going city where people took their time and enjoyed the clean open air. A 10 minute car ride already took you to the city fringe. It has changed a lot. The traffic, new buildings and crowded streets have really changed the city. In spite of the limited shops and basic attractions, Davao then had a simple unpretentious charm where everyone knew each other or were somehow “related” to each other either by birth or family friendship – simple pleasures in a simply natural city. Great blog – If time only stood still….

  120. What about the Ours Theater? at the corner of the road near lawaan Theater? Is it there yet during your time? that road going to the PTA? DECS division office? I forgot the name of that street. What about the Eagle Theater?

  121. Oscar John Lucero

    Include the Magsaysay park, the place to unwind and play with the for rent roller blades or bicycle at the round ball.

  122. My 2 cents
    1. Sputnik (SSS) gang vs TNO ( Tunas Na Otol) vs BOB (Barrio Obrero Boys)..
    2. Days With the Lord.. (B.I.L.)Ambot naa pa tingali
    3. Garnet Theater didto banda Uyanguren
    4. Buntogs hahaha
    5. Haruta, Otafuku, Lopez shoes at Aldevinco

  123. How about disco vegas remember that.

  124. Coco Collection in san pedro.

  125. how about “TOMASA” the famous beauty especialist in Claveria.The

  126. TOMASA the famous Beauty Specialist in Claveria…

  127. Ricardo Sunio III

    times beach, ang aming swimming area dati.

  128. Hahaha. Komikan sa gawas sa Gaisano center. Si niknok akong idol. Hahaha. Betamax tape rentahanan sa OREON VIDEO. Agi dayon sa ORANGE BRUTUS or saka sa TOWER OF PIZZA.

  129. How about aldevinco? I miss those days not as busy when I went back in 2008.

  130. Satellite disc sa PLaza. Delumbar Bbbq. Maruya ug pinaypay sa kilid sa wooden building pa sa Sangguniang Panlungsod sa Bolton! presko pa kaayo sa ‘kong huna-huna ang kahumot!

  131. Reolsyl Buses that travel between Davao and tagum… diha pa duul sa Ateneo Jacinto ang ilang terminal tung una 🙂

  132. And who will ever forget MADMAX DISCO…..or the ACROPOLIS….. And if you are hungy…DELUMBAR is the place to go….






  134. i was born in 1973 80s is our world i always remember watching our radiowealth brand TV that was like a cabinet look like the advertisement of Games and Garmets and Intergral business machine over and over again.

  135. How about the komiks stands along the corner of san pedro,claveria sts infront of san pedro cathedral, where you can rent and read komiks for just .25 cents.

  136. How about “Time Square along Ponciano St., near U.M. where students ay nagkitakita para makipaginuman at iba nagkacutting classes pa ns merong dalang plaka or tape para pang background music. And sa Ateneo din merong counterpart along Jacinto St., it’s called Barrio Ok.

  137. Don’t forget Happy emporium and Felcris sa Uyanguren. And oh Mang Tura bulalu an sa Ponciano? Hehehe

  138. And also main roads like San Pedro, Claveria, Magallanes were two-way traffic, imagine that!

  139. Magallanes Bakery in Bankerohan near the terminal of jeepneys bound for bangkal, ulas n talomo. Tesoros Printing Press and Tupas in Aldevinco. Dont forget Greg shoes!!!

  140. I remember Aldevinco. At the back was a store called Emelita’s where I got my imported hi-top Nikes basketball shoes in 1982. Delumbar bbq, I remember that. Anyone remember A Mart in Matina? I think it closed down due to poor sales. I went to Ateneo and back then drove our VW bug to school. I was one of few who drove a car. We would cruise to PWC hahaha. We used to go dancing at One Down, back then that was the place to be seen. Anyone remember the Anteliz Hotel and Davao Beach Club? I remember going to Insular hotel during xmas and wait for santa claus arrive on a speedboat. Awesome beaches were Paradise and Coral Reef. Anyone remember those grilled chicken vendors on the side of the street after Aldevinco, along CM Recto where the post office was? We used to get the grilled chicken there after a late night party or coming home from One Down.

  141. naa kay nalimtan kol.. ang PTA ground ug alemars

  142. How about Plaza in front of Jollibee and Merco bolton, eating halo halo while watching Wrestling and basketball.

  143. One of the Magnificent Moments at the MagsasayPark roller blades or bicycle at the round ball. , plus tambay2 sa Sea Shore and Milo Milo Acrobat somersault sa Park kapag Sunday.. #DEEPLYNOSTALGIA

  144. Great timing, this post! I’m planning to go back down memory lane while I’m here in Davao City for the summer. Gonna visit some of the places on this list.
    May I also add:
    Goody goody kiosk- its an ice cream shop in aldevinco. But i usually go there to ask for a glass of water when im thirsty from playing inside aldevinco.
    Meister baker near datu complex where we buy revel bars.
    Atu plaza
    Shrine hills where we do the Way of The Cross from GSIS subd until we reach Shrine.
    The staple of school field trips, like GAP farm, villa victoria, Coca-Cola plant in Ulas, Phil Eagle, and the Dairy plant in calinan or mintal (im not sure and i dunno the name) where we buy choco milk.
    And many many many more!
    Haaay! Davao was, and still is, a great place to grow up in indeed! 🙂

    Looking forward to your follow-up post Chito and Leah.
    Good post!

  145. Jingle Diao-Mirza

    Maa terminal bus -Palma gil st.
    Skyline terminal bus (Annil) – Magallanes cor Anda
    Dacoville bus terminal – Bolton st. (Jollibee bolton now) With Pansit ang Dianggo.
    Bolton plaza – now Taps Bolton karun
    Gaisano center Foodcourt Grabe ka panghi
    Gaisano Foodcourt Barrio Fiesta – Now Cyber hub and Timesquare.
    Mommy’/Mama’s Pizza sa Anda kanang pharmacy dha.
    Singko busug sa S.i.r phase1
    Remember Trashers ug Strollers sa ilustre….
    Davao life is here……

  146. I also remember the under the bridge road in Bankerohan.

  147. I think you should include the ‘DAVAO FAMOUS RESTAURANT’ in Uyanguren. Davao’s best Lomi.

  148. What was the name of the famous bbq resto located in San Pedro before. Was it Ric’s bbq? My father always bring us there to dine. I miss Peter Pan’s pandesal and Merco cakes. Also those fresh milk sold in bottles, was it Sodaco? And what I greatly miss is our family bonding at Magsaysay Park.

  149. i remember Bago Inigo Farm where we always had our field trip before.

  150. how about Gaisano Claveria and Alemar’s Bookstore? hehehehe

  151. Garcia arcade in san pedro. I think that is where Galaxy theater was located. Across the street is the barbershop Chevalier where I get my haircut. I remember Selga sporting goods in Claveria, next to PAL office. Simangot pa yung mga employees sa counter ng PAL lol. I remember peddlers along claveria that would sell liquid used to make metal shine like belt buckles. Also liquid stuff to clean rubber shoes. Random thoughts:

    – Cuison hotel?
    – Fabie Maternity Clinic – across my old church UCCP
    – Maguindanao hotel
    – Buhangin did not have the fly over
    – partying with the Davao elite in the 80s in Juna subdivision
    – Ateneo fiesta in August
    – Anyone remember USIS in Claveria then transferred to Bajada (across GAMI trading)
    – Custodio and Sons – sellers of electric water pump
    – Davao Golf and Country Club – now SM Lanang
    – Tesoro Printing Press
    – Shield’s Men’s Boutique by Chito Maglalang
    – Cracker Barrel bakery, next to Life Theater

  152. Unsaon na lang ang Chickies N Patties na hantod karon gina air pa gihapon ilang karaan na jinggle sa FM radio. Ang PTA ground na gihimo nang People’s Park.

  153. Great post, Chit! Let me add:

    1. The roads from Bankerohan public market to Magallanes up to Claveria (now C.M. Recto St.) were once two-way streets. Kaya namatay ang mga businesses along Claveria once it became a one way street.
    2. The PT&T telegram service (oh my, the telegram!) sa may old Claveria St.
    3. When there was no fly-over yet, Milan in Buhangin used to have a lot of homing pigeons.
    4. The old wooden City Library beside City Hall. Naa pa koy wala nauli na libro hangtod karon! Hahaha.
    5. The Light Bringer School.
    6. Bibay’s Money Exchange on Claveria St. Maka-relate ang mga nagadawat og foreign currency ani. 🙂
    7. RMC College along Magallanes St.

  154. How about barrio patay sa agdao and barrio pogi along C.M.recto street still remember those places?

  155. Hi,

    Awesome blog. Greetings from Central Kentucky, USA. Kumasta na man? Sorry, my bisaya is rusty. Been gone too long. I was born in the mid-60’s. Grew up in Davao City in the 70’s and up to the early 80’s. I left Davao City back in March of 1983 for the U.S. And it took me 12 years to come back (long story why I didn’t come back sooner). Anyways, all the posting brings back good ‘ole memories. Especially Dencia’s, Aldevenco, Merco, and the movie theaters. I Studied at UM for two years (BSCE). Correct me if I’m wrong, was it “T-Square” or Times Square? The old UM student’s hang out? I can’t remember, I’m getting old and senile..lol. I used to hang out there when I was an engineering student. I’m a City High boy (former DCHS, now DCNHS). Don’t hold that against me though..lol. And lived through the turbulent 70’s. But also had a lot of good memories in Davao City. Miss Davao City big time. The last time I was back there was in 1998. I know, I know, it’s been a very long time. I might be a US citizen now, but I’m still a Pinoy. And I am very proud to be a Pinoy and Dabawenyo. Thanks for the blog. I hate to admit it, but I kind a got teary eyed while reading the posts. I had a lot of good times in Davao City back in the 70’s, and part of 1980’s even though there were times that it came so close to having a Civil War. Daghang kaayong salamat sa memories.

    • Chito | DavaoBase.com

      Hi Andre! Daghang salamat for the kind words. Reminiscing the old Davao was very fulfilling for me as well because I grew up in this place, and I miss some of the places mentioned in this blog post that don’t exist anymore. I’m not familiar with the old hangout of UM students because I studied in Ateneo. Hehe… I hope you don’t lose sight of our hometown. Take care, my fellow Dabawenyo! 🙂

  156. mary grace andas-opinion

    let’s not forget the very first Gaisano in Claveria

    • Yeah, the good ‘ol Gaisano in Claveria. For you City High School kids out there (that were there back in the mid-70’s – early 80’s), remember the good old Rendezvous store/eatery/hangout? That place was a landmark around there. And ohh, how can I forget Queensland, heh-heh (someone mentioned it above). Did someone say, “Tagumpay?” Wow, I have forgotten about that movie theater. Miss the much simpler Davao City, when you can just sit and read comic books (rent or borrow for 10-20 centavos back then) in front of the old administration building (I think it was?), and across from San Pedro Church after “cutting” classes….lol. Take care y’all!

  157. Great post. Mention also video game per hr rentals na sikat puntahan. Konica ba un along uic clavetio at i forgot the one located in ilustre.

  158. Thanks for this throwback! although i just want to point out that Davao A&M is not comparable or at par with H&M …Davao A&M is better in terms of customer service because they know they deal with rich clients, diverse in terms of choices of products and international brands, its like “the” place of that time where people wants to be seen “actually” shopping !!! It would be a shame to leave the place without buying anything … That was the place wherein the customers’ idea of fun in shopping is to outbuy other customers. Its a place of status symbol at that time and the management loves it and of course who would forget the dress code at Davao A&M? … Bawal sando looking top ,bawal tsinelas kahit ung slip-on mo na sapatos na mukhang tsinelas pero sapatos nman talga bawal … meaning shop in style!!!

  159. Vegas and One Down, Bump cars arcade, Alemar’s Bookstore by ADDU Claveria, Gaisano Claveria, Cecil’s snack inn /bakery with DJ on 2nd floor in Claveria famous for their ube cake, DXUM, DXBM, DXSS, Magsaysay Park, Chavez St. lechon, BBQ in Magallanes, Nightclub in Matina ( was it Jim’s?), Concerts at ADDU covered court, Happy Emporium, AnteLiz hotel, Station 45, gas station where there were mini buses going to tagum etc. at the corner of Claveria-Jacinto-Uyanguren, Shanghai restaurant, PLDT Claveria corner Jacinto?, USIS, shortcut between Claveria and ponciano through the Garcia building in front of gaisano Claveria, Maguindanao Hotel where many journalists would meet for coffee, Gaisano Center in front of UM and the shortcut next to it full of small businesses, DCAA at PTA grounds where schools would compete in Sports – and had to buy tickets!, Paradise Island – the most known beach resort known that time in Samal, the walkie-talkies (shortwave radios) as accessory, Peter Pan bakeshop, CAP auditorium for social events, etc. and no floods in the news!

  160. Grew up around Anda and left Davao at the mid 80’s for US of A. Anyway here’s my memory list.
    1. Queens – free movie for me and my brother. Family knew the owner.
    2. Anda fruit stand (before it got to beTeresa Miilessa ???) – saw Arnaiz and Jawo buying fruits.
    3. Station 55 burger place (kanto sa Anda and Rizal)
    4. Cecils for the luglug
    5. Small restaurant in Anda serving mami. Owned by the dad of Dr. Tan.
    6. Indian Palace. Nice owners. Nice family overall.
    7. Lima Department Store. Our dog ran around inside the store (LOL).
    8. Dzen barbershop at Bonfacio. Got my haircut there. I think it was pricey back then, but we knew the owner.
    9. Boy Scout building. Played ping pong with the old guys. They used sandpaper instead of rubber.
    10. Summerland swmming pool.
    11. Times, Talomo, and Godo’s (???) beach
    12. City High. Played lots of basketball at Assumption church. Anyone rememeber Six two, Conso, Tapik (???), Mrs Dee, and the haircut.
    13. Yapmugat (Guy’s should know this)
    14. Rendezvous by City High for the 10 centavos iced water.
    15. Delumbar, Horizon, Shakeys

    Not a complete list. Lot of thanks for the site and the memories.

  161. Sir Chito,

    Excellent blog! Lingaw kaau ko. It deserves a Part 2 sir. Dinako malimtan ako amigo unang sakay sa escalator gibilin ang tsinelas sa tonto kay basin mahugaw daw perteng sukoa sa iya Mama kay late na niya nahibal an nga iya anak (ako amigo) nag tiniil na diay sa second floor sa Datu Complex. Nadoble pa kasuko sa iya mama kay iya tsinelas nawala na siguro gikuha sa security guard hahaha…

    For part 2 Sir Chito mao ni ako list:

    1. Mad Max Disco
    2. Cosmopolitan sa villa abrille street (kay ang uso ron st peter na nga naa pa E burol)
    3. Acropolis Disco Ponciano
    4. Happy LA sikat nga DJ sa FM station sa una (i think he is a politician now)
    5. Food Street sa JS Gaisano
    6. Hilux ( sakyanan Padulong sa Tagum)
    7. Zed Pizza

  162. Catherine G- Barrion

    Tnx for this article. Certainly remembered my childhood days growing in this city

  163. How about those tailoring shop along bolton near u.m.??dedeles tailor if you want carbon copy na levis or wrangler.granddaddy pag medyo pang class na tailoring laries along claveria st fronting ours theater og kadyong mga bomba films sa life theater. Ahhh those were the days,,,,,glad to see and enjoy the 80’s simple living simple life……

  164. Hi there!
    My name is kim, i am filipina-canadian and from vancouver and found your photo of the coca cola factory on your website. i work for the university of british columbia as a researcher and i’m doing putting together a non-commercial magazine educational resource about the history of the philippines. i saw your photo of the coke factory and was hoping i could have it published in my magazine. the project is completely non commercial and so we won’t be making any money from it. i am just hoping i could get your permission to use it. of course i would credit you in the references section.
    please notify me by email if this sounds good to you! thank you!

  165. Lee Orvens L. Jumamoy

    kinsa’y naka hinumdom sa Cortes nga calzada

  166. Since I grow up in Digos, I have my own share of memorable 80s in Davao
    GAP Farm >> coz we never miss to drop by every field trip since elementary days.
    Happy Emporium >> for our school shoes.
    Peter Pan Bakeshop >> always may pasalubong mom ko galling sa bakeshop na ito.
    (Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague) or Shrine Hills as we fondly call it is our family’s favorite church to attend during my birthday. Then picnic at the food court area with their mini zoo attractions.

  167. Cool! This is great. Just missed the good old days! Kht nasa mla na ako these memories nakatatak na sa 80’s legacy ntn. Natawa ako dun sa escalator ng Datu Complex. lolz, I remember malapit din sa UM during high school years ko MERCO, ung smoothie chocolate shake. ka boom sa caruso hankies. keep it up dude.

  168. As far as i can remember…

    Aroma (bolton st.) – where i buy my doughnuts & pilipit
    Sodaco (cm recto ext. now dmci condo) – where i buy my freshmilk in a nice 1liter glass
    55 (anda st.) – where i like french fries
    zinco footstep (claveria st.) – where i used to buy mightykids shoes!
    manghihilot na bombero (ponciano firestation) – agay! kasakit mo hilot ni manong

  169. Kaning mga nag comment ngari, wala jud ni sila kabalo asa ang JALICATER bah. hahahahahaha!

  170. Wow, that was really great. It brought back memories. Can’t help smiling while reading your blog, sir. Thank you for sharing it to all those who grew up in Davao during the 80’s. 🙂

  171. When school year starts you shop at velasco, buy shoes at footsep or happy emporium then have your ID picture at Cesars.. Don’t forget Harana Restaurant ang suki sa post graduation, post 1st communion, confirmation pretty much every milestone in your childhood life..

  172. STATION 55 – masarap but rumored to serve worm burgers. Kaon man gihapon kay lami.

  173. 1.) Fairlanes
    2.) Merco
    3.) Felcris’ Japanese Cakes
    4.) Harana
    5. ) Times Beach
    6.) Bonguyan Beach
    7.) Villa Victoria
    8.) The Old Insular Hotel
    9.) Dencia’s (just n front of my grandparents’ house)
    10.) Shanghai Restaurant

  174. There was also a Garnet Theatre along Uyanguren and Odeon along Claveria.

  175. Before A & M, there was Borgailys along San Pedro St. that was considered as a high end shop selling colleziones back then.

  176. Davao famous restaurant vs shanghai restaurant for chinese food fix, acropolis disco for junior and senior prom after party

  177. Stuff I still miss about growing up in Davao:

    1. Milky Way and Mugi arcades
    2. Molave restaurant
    3. The old Dencia’s site
    4. Less traffic >.<
    5. Gingerbread in front of Ateneo
    6. Integral Business Machines TV ad (that horrible accent is still stuck in my head even after 30 decades)

    Josie was my classmate way back in grade school.

  178. Whew! This blog is sooo cool. Really brings back good memories.
    We used to live in Sto. Nino,Matina where those “Kalihukan” and with most of the siblings are male we had to move to the city. Back then uso pa magbaktas going to schools, church, palenke or even sa mga tindahan…now people almost do not walk but rather take trisikad.
    Anyway, reading almost all of the comments…I can not believe nobody seemed to remember Penic Bar of Apo View Hotel, where Jay Durias started…back then it was the only place I would dare drink beer as I know who the performers are and the regulars…

  179. Iapil pud ang El Madrid ug Cheery’s Claveria, Banco Davao sa San Pedro, Davao Bearing sa Ilustre na naay bolitas magbangga bangga, Majestic Chinese Cuisine infront of Queens Super Cinema isa sa mga resto na lami kaayo ug Siopao.

  180. naay afternun disco sa sn pedro tung una..late 80’s na un and mar donnie’s sa duterte st na ngayun..imagine mahubog na mi hapon pa kay ang beer ppilsen P8.00 lng…hayzzzzzzzz maka miss sad

  181. ang Fernandez School of Piano sa Cortez (old name for Bonifacio St)

  182. ang Dweynes sa Ilustre

  183. Connie island (not sure of the spelling) and kerr shoe center

  184. My share: Left Davao in Mid 80’s

    1.) Mayor – Lopez
    2.) Tikoy – Sunny Sweets (mga taga City High)
    3.) Gupit/Pakaw/City High – 3×5; 5×5; puwede pud 1×1 pero patindog 🙂
    4.) Aquaria – pet store; tapad sa lamp lighter (Father Tropa)
    5.) walang kamatayang siopaw at pansit sa Men Seng Resto
    6.) Brother’s Bazar – owned by Sharmaine Arnaiz’s Dad; tapad sa Datu Complex
    7.) kaila mong pansit? – irok
    8.) Shoes – Otto; Clarks; Robertson
    9.) Famous Shirt – Guitar; Hanes (hinsaka ang bukton)
    10.) Buringan sa Acasia
    11.) Bands – Tears for Fears; Duran Duran; Boy George; atbp
    12.) Meeting place – Tower clock sa San Pedro

    sarap balikan ang 80’S

  185. E- mention lang nako ang wala ninyo ma remember:
    1. Dedeles tailoring shop sa maong along magallanes
    2. Time Tunnel Disco sa San pedro
    3. Gasoline station disco sa diaz hotel along claveria
    4. Shanghai restaurant sa Uyanguren
    5. Bar b Q stalls along Acacia selling native chicken bar b q
    6. Inday Chinese restaurant also at Boy Scout fronting Ateneo
    7 UNO drug store
    8. Tower disco sa Maguindanao Hotel.
    9. The Place restaurant along Matina the best spare ribs i tasted.
    10. The Best bakery sa bankerohan super delicious and super big pan de mongo
    11. mga Bar/Western Night Club sa Legaspi st. and sa lower ground there are betamax shows XXX rated
    12. Nicks barber Shop along Claveria where we have our massage there and of course extra service.
    13. Naty’s lechon along Chavez St.
    14. Horizon, Town Fiesta where we loved to listen our favorite folk songs
    15. Davao Ice cream house, Davao Theatre, Aliw, Apple place, Durian stalls along palma gil sa Claveria.
    16. want to know more sa mga cinemas dire sa Davao ang Star and Avenue Theatres, Clifford Theatre, Tagumpay, Life theater ug ang nasunog nga Roxy theater sa Uyanguren.
    17. CYO gym sa Holy Cross, dire mi mutan aw sa mga basketball games and other variety shows kay duol lang ang among balay.
    18. Manila restaurant beside sa Famous restaurant and Hong kong restaurant sa Villa Abrille St.
    19. Kinutilan (tuba, egg, chocolate mix) sa Jacinto extension.
    20. Men seng restaurant sa San pedro pa.
    21. Old Sanny Sweets sa Tiongco St. the best hopia in town.
    22. Magsaysay Park fish market where we buy fresh tuna fish.

  186. I like the blog!!! I never really knew how was Davao like in the 80-90s but I am interested to know so salamat nakita ko tong blog na ito!!! 😀 Pero may question lang po ako.
    What are the names of the buildings along Bonifacio Street and their functions or kung anong ma.recall ano itsura sa loob ng buildings. :))))

  187. I was studying at UM and used to watch Bruce Lee movies at Tagumpay the double was more action packed…if you frequent Tagumapay you know what i mean.

  188. don king
    queensland – turning boys to men
    USIS in Claveria – where i first saw pictures of f-16, f-15 and m1-tank
    sharpshooting motorcycle riding gunmen
    deadly npa sparrow units
    bump cars
    Cesar’s Portrait in City Hall Drive. – id pictures
    alsa masa by day – alsa baso by night
    jun porras pala
    col. calida
    shouting ” singit ” in one of the movie theater in claveria – and projectionist will ” singit a porn movie ”
    between the regular movie
    harana restaurant – bbq chicken
    Boy Scout building – i saw it burn down
    – seeing mayor santos vote wearing slippers
    – davao cathedral bombing – a cheerful sounding victim kept repeating on the radio ” Naigo ako sa akong lubot. Naigo ako sa akong lubot. ” ( I got hit in the ass.) hard not to laugh, even though its a tragedy.
    Insular Hotel
    Datu Complex
    lyric theater
    Alemars at Ateneo
    banco davao
    father tropa
    times beach
    15 peso = 1 gallon tuba
    queens theater
    long haired orange clothed ananda marga members

  189. AC jeep, byaheng Magsaysay Park to Bankerohan via Uyanguren, Claveria and San Pedro Sts, kasi wala pang dumadaan na jeep sa Ponciano St. that time.

  190. Times Beach and Sunrise Beach (Toril) are favorite weekend destinations.

  191. Favorite hang-out ng mga med-reps in ther 80s:
    1) One Down Disco – Apo View Hotel
    2) Penec Bar – Apovie Hotel
    3) Acropolis Disco – Ponciano St.,
    4) Burger joint at Ilustre, owned by former MJ med rep Danny Mendoza
    5) Favorite car wash area ng mga med rep – – – Ilustre St., fronting Midway Pharmacy owned by Adarna family.

  192. What about Goody Goody and it’s delicious hamgurgers (cafe owned by Merco) inside Aldevinco. This is the favorite dating place ng mga Atenista nga naay dagkong baong nga kwarta. Kami hanggang Barangay Bakeshop lang, atbang sa Ateneo, (Claveria side), kasi pan de sal lang ang kayang paliton.

  193. hi…pls include Happy Emporuim and Gaisano Claveria

  194. Peter Pan Bakeshop
    Davao Bearings @ Ilustre
    Gingerbread Bakeshop
    Coney Island
    G Miranda Bookstore @ Claveria
    Alemars @ Claveria
    M.S. Mata Bike Shop @ Anda St.
    House of Lord Anthony Outdoor Shop @ San Pedro St.
    GJ Santos Shoes @ San Pedro St.
    St Paul Reading Center @ Bonifacio St.
    Aming Bahay @ Ilustre
    Horizon Bar @ Ilustre
    Nightshift @ Crooked Rd
    Bolton Restaurant
    Lima Department Store
    Games & Garments

    Miss you my Old Davao.

  195. abtan pud ko ug usa ka oras basa sa inyong comment… pero wa gyud nag mention sa short cut sa life theatre lapus sa pnciano ug odion theatre sa uyanguren.

  196. The coco collection, the debate at the park, chess and dama games at rizal park, tagna tagna along san pedro street at the walkway, pilok sa kanding hehehe…many more….ilove davao so much

  197. Trivia: ask your parents if they still remember these theaters not mentioned in the post …

    LIFE and OURS along Claveria ..
    ROXY along Uyanguren …
    CLIFFORD along Bonifacio
    GEM along San Pedro …

    kudos to the writer for the exclusive memories of a Dabawenyo …

  198. Guys, i grew up along San Pedro st. fronting City Hall. I can still remember the mini zoo near Sanguniang bldg, near the tennis court fronting the old San Pedro church. During week ends inused to do shoe shine in Rizal park, near the present stage area. We are sidewalk vendor for a long time in San Pedro st. Our president of vendors was Lando, that until now still there, coincedentally i met him a week ago. Also i sold Pioneer newspaper at nigth during the last full show at Crest and Lyric theater in San Pedro, then i buy pancit at San Pedro restaurant pag uwi ko na binalot pa sa dahon sa saging, for only P1.50! In the morning, my Dad will bring me in The Best restaurant along Bolton st. to have native coffee and pan de sal and sunny side up eggs. Then one time Pansit, the lady beggar hit me when i was walking in San Pedro st bcoz she its me make joke to her bcoz some boys bullys her a while ago, i was surprised why she did that? As i grew up, me and my friends formed the group “SPB” the original San Pedro Boys. We also used to skate in side walks of San Pedro stores which the guards chased us kasi maingay ang bearing ng homemade skate namin! Oh my, i missed my childhood in Davao!

  199. I’m not from Davao City, but my asawa and me got married there in 1989. We were both in our early 30’s. We will live near there when we retire in 5 years. We have been there a number of times and several times we were there for around 2 to 3 weeks. I was wondering what happened to Dencia’s- now a different place on a different street. They do this a lot where I’m from also. Here is a list of things that I can never forget about Davao:
    *The enormous size of Mt Talomo from Buhangin.
    *The view of Apo and Talomo from Shrine Hill in the afternoon, when the clouds are not blocking them out.
    *The view of Kabayawa Hill just beyond Matina.
    *The road near the airport (now paved for a long time) where you get a view of Talomo and Apo. There used to be little Nipa Huts on the right side of the road where they where selling car parts.
    *There was this map of Davao City where they forgot to put Juan Luna Street on it, which used to make me go nuts when I was trying to learn the roads. My wife and some of her sisters used to live in Uyanguan and they knew Pansit. She was always friendly to them.
    *The view from the old Airport of Davao City and the Mountains.
    *Talomo Beach and the feral baby cats looking to be adopted by anybody who would have them.
    I have been trying to piece together where all these places were and what is there now. Some places in Davao I am still leary to walk in alone. I like the mountains and hiking in wilderness areas, but I am afraid of Apo and Talomo, because of Colbras and cliffs!!! Salamat, Chito.

  200. Nathaniel Consunji

    Lets take you back to the late 70″s: Golden Garmon,Galaxy, Narels book store in front of city hall, USA/LIMA dept store,Dona ANA and Manila City ferry boats, Minda trading in Claveria at Christmass time, Queens super cinema< Old Borgaily house on the crooked road, The newly opened Quimpo blvd in the new Ecoland subdivision. Old Garcia house in San Pedro cor Ilustre.,.Sevilla bookstore in front of UM. CBC bus lines in Uyanguren, Surigao bus co. Bukidnon liner bus co. Roxy theater in Uyanguren, Life theater in Monteverde ave cor bangoy, Davao Ice plant in Bangoy cor Monteverde, Air Manila airlines, Filipinas airways, SALIBA local gang stands for Sales,Lizada,Bangoy. LUC tian and davao famous restaurants. AC jeep labeled FOR DAVAO CITY ONLY.Soth bay sawmill near GOTAMCO lumber. The red alarm posts every corner for fire alarm.

  201. John Deere sign @ E. Quirino, na maoy naghatag ug hayag sa diha wala pa kaayo suga ang kadalanan sa dakbayan.
    Ang Ballet school @ E. Quirino, na kaarang balay.
    Rotary Club Preschool @ Camus St Ext, na naay dakong pine tree sa playground ug karaang haunted house sa likod sa school.
    SDA Elementary School @ Camus St Ext
    Ang PTA, na halos tinapakan na ang stodium, ang famous swimming pool kilid sa DepEd sa Palma Gil St.
    Old Gaisano @ Ilustre, before sa sunog, ang famous curve na hagdanan sa Gaisano. Mag uranay ra kay sugu-on palit ug asukar ug sabon. Unya magsaka saka dayun sa hagdanan. While ang kambyo, palit dayun ug butterball candy.
    Davao Bearing @ Ilustre, muhunong gyud ko diri sa gamay pako hangtod nag college sa U.M aron mutan-aw sa bearings na nagbangga-anay.
    Famous spaghetti sa Felcris, Ilustre ug Arozcaldo sa Datu Complex, Crooked St.
    Sinehan na nahimong school supplies, Golden Bell along Bonifacio St
    Old B.I.R building @ Inigo St, na kahoy ang hagdanan
    Old Post Office @ corner of Bankerohan and Magallanes St, ang atbang corner sab kay Shell gas station
    Batangueno Pharmacy @ Bankerohan, sa corner, tupad sa sikwatehan.
    Kaabot pako sa Two Way Lane Road from Magallanes, Claveria, and San Pedro
    Ang Venis Hotel @ Matina
    Wooden building na Sabungan @ Matina
    Fireworks from Valencia Family taga kalag kalag sa Davao Memorial Park
    Ang logging na malutaw lutaw sa dagat sa Dumalag.
    Ang balotan sa kanto Ma-a. Na puro lampara suga sa namaligya ug balot ug bbq
    Lonbisco @ Bangkal then Coca cola @ Bangkal, famous destination sa field trip
    Ang forever na GAP farm @ Maa,ug ang swimming pool na “no shorts kay bathing suit lang daw”.
    Ang cave sa GAP farm na kahadlokan sa kadaghanang mga bata apil na ko. Ang Juan Tamad, na natabunan ang lawas sa yuta kay sige ug higda.
    Times Beach fan kaayo among la familia, taga sabado diri mi makit-an. Pero until now, di gihapon ko kabalo mulangoy.
    Dunggu-anan sa barko tupad sa Magsaysay Park.
    Narels, Velasco, Cesar Portrait, Old wood building na Library tupad sa Sanggunian, ang ubos Comelec.
    I miss you Davao. Promise, Ikaw lang gyud akong first love.

  202. perti nakong ngisi dere dapita kakita sa Datu Complex nga scalator ba.. kay gamay pako nagshoping mi sa akong mama unya perti nakong lugnot sa akong mama kay nahadlok ko sa hagdanan nga galihok….. Antohter thing nako nahimot an kay ang 20 seconds darkness diha ko ga short cut permi.. hantod na ni bisita akong kano nga pen pal ug karon bana na nako akoa siyang gipalakaw diha nga dalan perti niya hadloka kay ngit ngit kaayo… perti makamingaw gyud mag tan aw aning mga lugara ba. I remeber movie house Davao as a family manan aw mi tanan 7 members sa family, free mi kay gihatagan akogn papa ug free tickets tan aw mi ug jackie chan nga salida… grabe ka 80’s. salamat sa pag post ani ha.

  203. I also remembered good old days night disco at Disco Vegas at Ilustre St. and One Down disco at the back of the Apo View Hotel Davao. lately 90’s Acropolis Super Club at Bonifacio St. opened and Madmax Disco house located at San Pedro St. I usually go at those places every weekends with my fellow friends and high school classmates. It feels very nostalgic to me as I remember those days.

    • Do you remember a small trawler called TERBEE moored not far from Sta Ana wharf? I saw the same trawler moored in Cebu City back in 1991 during our 3-day Sulpicio ship journey to Manila!

      Remember the teachers wage protest banner at Ateneo Matina campus sometime in late 80s??

      Ateneo (Atinyo?) Sikat, Sweldo Barat!

      To the Ateneo boys, If your classmate says Backfield?? Been there done that!

      The burned and abandoned LTO wooden building near Dvo Memorial Park? I think Royal Pines occupies the area now.

      I miss Davao City!

  204. Late comment but I believe this is the one most magical 80’s event in Davao– at about 5-6 o’clock after dawn, the skies would, for several seconds, grow dark from all the birds flying to their hunting grounds and again at about the same time at dusk, the same birds would go back to their nesting places in the still jungle or forested areas of the city, like the part of the hills now occupied by Royal Pine subd. near the Shrine Hill. What a time to be a kid back then.

  205. I need help! Does anybody remember the two-storey wooden restaurant located at Times Beach during the 80s/90s?

  206. How about the Sawa and cobra in rizal park? Na hangtud karun wampa gihapun nag bugno?.. Thw Old folks playing chess and dama near sanggunian, people still spend time there the last time i passed by. Old school buolding of Magallanes elementary school was recently demolished. That ols
    Building was my classroom wen i was a kid.

  207. For those asking where is Barrio Pogi and why it’s named that way… here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBV4TzaFlG8
    Enjoy watching!

  208. Can anyone remember the name of that old disco house in Matina Town Square? It had a Lumad sound to it, just like Tagboan. It was open early to mid 2000’s and we used to party there back in college. It is “Keepsakes Restaurant” now. Thanks

  209. had fun reading this interesting article, great work.

  210. Martinez Pawnshop and Banco Davao
    Gingerbread Bakehouse in front of Ateneo Grade School

  211. Nostalgic happy good old times, yes I can relate with the 10 items and yes goody-goody ice cream stand where I remember my first ice cream aside from Datu Complex’s ice cream twirl makers and also swimming at Times Beach though I was born 1972 in Manila but raised in Davao City 1976-1981 attending the Light Bringer School.

  212. one of the many things i remember in the 80s is that, Gaisano Center and Felcris Sales (now Chimes) used to have a yearly raffle draw where you can win a car or appliances… and the ticket that qualifies you to a computer game in gaisano center whenever you purchase a certain amount (why don’t they have those now?)

    i think it’s also worth mentioning Coco Collection in san pedro with that swirl ice cream…

    the “duwende” in palma gil elementary that garnered a number of people at that time…

    people buying shoes at Harrison’s Plaza (cor anda)

    the 2 storey gaisano ilustre with barrio fiesta before it got burned…

    then later we had the skating rink in victoria…the arcade in ilustre… padi’s point, calzada, zirkle… and so on and so forth
    dati, syalan na pag naka-valles beach ka… LOLS!!!

  213. Walang naka-alala sa Bolton Street closed yan, mayroong dacoville baby bus ride terminal, it’s either “DST”, owned by the Dilangalen’s. Tapos yung Fountain sa Rizal Park. Yung mga “Footstep” shoe store branches, NCC Uyanguren. “Three Sisters” owned by Jovit in Claveria, became “Salone Nicole” in the 90s. Oplan Tabang buses of Yellow Bus Lines, and St. Benedict of the Benedicto’s. “Mazda” jeep with nice front suspensions, and the ever flooding part of the MacArthur Highway from Molave (Tulip Dr.) going to Davao Memorial Park entry. Old Ateneo De Davao (Grade 1 & 2 Building, Old Grade School Principal’s Office). The Eva Estrada Kalaw Paper Print Posters running for National Position. Lord Anthony’s Scouting Gear and Store. Garmon Ilustre is much viewing wholesome movies of Regal Films.

  214. i remember datu complex gaisano center closed na karon to much memories in the st of davao

  215. Gaisano Ilustre was the dream of every child wanting to have nice toys during the 1980’s. It was in 1982 that I brought my first game and watch. December of 1986 me and my brother over the objection of our elder sister, asked our parents to buy a nintendo family computer and two tapes (sasa and football) for P2,000.00 at Gaisano Ilustre. My sister brought a levi’s pants for P500.00 at Gaisano Ilustre and after shopping our family ate at Barrio Gaisano.

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