Cafe Marco Presents 11 Tribes Mindanaoan Buffet for Kadayawan

Nothing best captures the spirit of the Kadayawan Festival more than food. After all, this is the perfect season to give thanks for the natural bounties that Davao City is blessed with.

To highlight the eleven tribes of Davao and to celebrate Kadayawan in a unique and festive way, Marco Polo Davao is launching 11 Tribes Mindanaoan Buffet, a special Kadayawan food festival at Cafe Marco. The lunch and dinner buffet will showcase some of the best flavors that Davao tribes have to offer.

Here are the new dishes to be served as part of this one-of-a-kind buffet experience:

Mongo Soup and Roasted Whole Garlic served with 24 hours Braised Beef Ribs Adobo

Monggo Soup and roasted garlic served with 24hr braised beef



Linotlot nga Manok (chicken cooked in bamboo)

linotnot nga manok

Landang (beef cooked in coconut milk)




Tinadtad na Bakbak

tinadtad na bakbak

Tinalumbo na Baboy

Tinalumbo na baboy





Warm tuyo with brown rice

warm tuyo with brown rice

Sinigapuna (yellow rice)


Bagobo Trio Dessert

bagobo trio dessert

Tausug Trio Dessert

Tausug Trio Dessert Pakikambing Wadjet Makdurian Kukos

Enjoy the 11 Tribes Mindanaoan Buffet for P1,300 net at Cafe Marco, 2nd floor, Marco Polo Davao from August 12-20, 2016. A special Kadayawan Set Menu will also be available at Polo Bistro for P990 net.

[All pictures from Marco Polo Davao]

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