Coffee Maybe: A “Definitely” to Visit in Tagum

Our road trip to Tagum with friends had 3 goals: eat delicious lunch, have coffee, and enjoy our time together.

‼️See our previous post on what we had for lunch at the Yuyu Cafe and Dessert Shop.‼️

Our next stop was coffee, but with third-wave coffee being the rave these days, we dropped by not one but two coffee shops in Tagum!

First coffee stop: Coffee Maybe.

🚙 It’s located in a residential area, so if you’re not from Tagum, you may need to check Google Maps. It’s quite easy to locate, though. Once you’re there, you get to enjoy a nice outdoor area where they provide tables and chairs for groups of coffee lovers to enjoy.

Coffee Maybe outside area

We tried hot Spanish latte. We enjoyed it as it is, but for our friend who loves his coffee strong, an extra espresso shot sealed the deal. 👍🏼

☕️ Coffee Maybe’s Hot Coffee:
◾️Americano – P99
◾️Cafe Latte – P115
◾️Spanish – P120
◾️Hazelnut – P125
◾️Caramel – P130

Coffee Maybe

🥤Coffee Maybe’s Iced Coffee:
◾️Vanilla Latte – P120
◾️Spanish Latte – P125
◾️Caramel Macchiato – P130
◾️Cafe Mocha – P135
◾️Ice Cream Latter – P140

They also serve rice meals, breads, and cookies to go with your coffee.

Coffee Maybe

We asked why the shop is named Coffee Maybe, and we were directed to the window art. Apparently, intro to a love story siya. 😍

Guy: Coffee?
Girl: Maybe.

Coffee Maybe interiors

The coffee is good, the place is nice, and the staff are friendly. If you’re in Tagum, it’s a ‘definitely’ to visit Coffee Maybe.

For inquiries:
📲 0955 778 1663


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