Mindanao Photography Competition: Win up to P50,000!

Do you love taking photos showcasing the spirit of Mindanao? This is your chance to show your work! Join the Mindanao Photography Competition 2015 and even get the chance to win up to P50,000!

Competition Theme: Celebrating Mindanao’s Indomitable Spirit
Submission of Entries: March 20, 2015 to May 15, 2015
Open to Mindanao-based photographers only

NCCA Mindanao photo contest

Full Mechanics (from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts)


The Mindanao Photography Competition 2015 is a national arts event that will take place in Mindanao, with General Santos City, particularly, Mindanao State University-Gensan, as the host from April to May, 2015. This event will also coincide with the other two same competitions to be held in (Rio de Quingua) Bulacan-Luzon leg, and Cebu City-the Visayan leg.


The Mindanao Photography Competition 2015 will adopt the theme: “Celebrating Mindanao’s Indomitable Spirit”—Depicting a group or community in Mindanao working together in unison to achieve a common goal.

Images must tell stories about the Mindanaon Indomitable Spirit working together in unity to accomplish a task or a common aspiration.

All entries must strictly adhere to the competition theme. Participants are required to submit photos and images taken anywhere in Mindanao. The images should only depict positive things that depicts or reflective of the above thematic value found and experienced only in Mindanao.

The MPC-2015 Committee reserves the right to exclude any entry, which in its sole discretion, does not adhere to the contest theme.


Indomitable Spirit means resolute, steadfast, set, staunch, unbeatable, unyielding, and unflinching. Aims to bring together the value of the resiliency and strength of the Mindanaoan spirit in the belief that the basis of all systems, social or political, rests upon the goodness of its people.

The Mindanaoan’s ‘Indomitable spirit’ may not always succeed on the first try at everything that one attempts in life, but will always has the courage and confidence to try again and not be subdued or overcome in the face of fear or failure. The Mindanaoan Indomitable Spirit perseveres and resilient and steadfast to whatever challenges that will come in their way, in doing so, it put a counter balance against the harmful and depressing realities in its midst.


The MPC 2015 Secretariat will accept entries to the Mindanao Photography Competition 2015 from March 20, 2015 until May 15, 2015 deadline until midnight only.


1. Open to all Mindanao based Photographer-Artist or Enthusiast whether Student, Amateur or Professional.

2. Each participant shall fill up and submit an ENTRY FORM together with the Entries to the Secretariat before joining. Entry Forms are available online thru the competition FB portal, or via email. This will open on March 20, 2015 after the launching on March 19, 2015.

3. Name of Photographer, Age, Address & Contacts (Numbers & Email Adds) must be indicated.

4. A one year residency is required for participants that are not born but are already based in Mindanao.

5. For the purpose of knowing the artist’s background, in case of suspicion or a complaint, participants, who will be chosen in the Top 30 Finalists, shall submit proof of residency: government ID indicating the contestant address, certification of residency from the Barangay and other similar documents.

6. No employee or official, or student from Mindanao State University-General Santos City, or from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts shall be allowed to participate including close affinity of the members of its Committee or Secretariat.


1. Submission of entries shall commence on March 20, 2015 until the deadline of the midnight of May 15, 2015. Submission shall be done either through email (Competition Official Email Address) or in CD format or USB thru personal or carriers under the entrant expense. All entries shall be submitted to the SECRETARIAT ONLY.

2. The photograph may be shot in film or digital format.

3.High resolution image is required and must be 8 x 10 (2400×3000), not less than 300 dpi and in jpeg or jpg formats;

4. Photos may be in full color or in black and white.

5. No names or initials or pertinent watermarks be placed or evident on the image area.

6. Maximum of 2 images can be submitted per entrant. However, the ‘Best Entry Policy’—or (One Entry), shall be imposed if such two works are included for the final judging.

7. The entry should contain a “Title” and a “Photo Caption” (that would explain the work) of not less than 2 sentences or more than 4. The caption must indicate the place where the image was taken, and must have an accurate description of what the photo is all about. The date when the photo was taken shall also be indicated.

8. No digitally enhanced or altered entries for creative purposes. Altered images refer to photographs manipulated and applied with special effects (colorizing, toning, collage, photo composites, stitched panoramas, high dynamic ranges or HDR images, etc.) Only Minor adjustments are acceptable like the Color, sharpness, contrast or digital equivalents are allowed.

9. Previous photos taken before the March 20, 2015 Opening will be allowed but not more than One Year Old (March 20, 2014 until March 19,2015). However, photographs that have been previously submitted or have won in any local or international photography competitions shall not be accepted.

10. Acceptance of entries will open on March 20, 2015, after the Opening-Launching on March 19, 2015.

11. The Secretariat accepts no responsibility for entries that are lost or corrupted during the upload, or assumes no responsibility for any transmission error or delay in the electronic mail submission of the entries. The Committee cannot be held responsible for any theft, deletion and or alteration that might be made on the entry, entry forms submitted online.

12. The Committee reserves the right to use, produce and reproduce of the winning photos and of those 30 finalists for the purpose of marketing, dissemination and for the catalogue; including part of an exhibition or exhibitions in the future. In any case the works would be used outside of these conditions, rest assured that artists’ right are protected and proper consent will be required, or courtesy of recognition will always be maintained.


1. By entering the competition all entrants confirm that their entries are their own original work, that they own the copyright in it, and that they haven’t infringed third party rights.

2. Works shall not be in violation of a person’s rights including, but limited to copyright and of privacy; nor it contain obscene, sexually explicit, offensive, or any other objectionable or inappropriate nuances.

3. The participant is responsible for securing-prior to submission of the entry-a formal consent from concerned parties regarding images containing any material or element that is not the participant’s property, or if any person or persons appears in the photo a subject. For minors that are subjects, written permission of consent from legal guardian or parents must be obtained. The Organizer (NCCA, MSU) should not in any way be held responsible for the inability of the participant to secure the necessary permission or consent.

4. Respect for indigenous peoples or similar communities is paramount. No tribal peoples or their lands should be harmed, offended or violated in the process of taking photographs.

5. By submitting their entries to the Committee (Secretariat), all participants agree to release, discharge, and hold MSU, NCCA or the Secretariat and their employees, officials, directors and representatives from any claims, losses and damages arising out of their participation.

6. The Committee-Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any entry or image at any time for any cause.


1. Decisions on all matters affecting the competition are final and irrevocable.

2. The 30 Finalists will be chosen by the Members of the Committee-Organizers. It will be announced through emails and posting on social networks.

3. The 30 Finalists shall be part of the Exhibition (May 25-29,), however Pre-Judging will be imposed to determine the set of winners prior to the opening.

4. Criteria for Judging:

a. Adherence to the Theme or Content—30 %
b. Creativity and Originality—————–30 %
c. Photographic Quality———————–20 %
d. Visual Impact———————————20 %


1. The Winners will be awarded with the following prizes:

Grand Champion – P50,000 plus trophy & certificate
2nd Prize – P30,000 plus trophy & certificate
3rd Prize – P15,000 plus trophy & certificate

2 Jury Prizes of 5,000 each & 5 Consolation Prizes of 1,000 each.

3. The winning and 30 finalists entries shall be exhibited at a determined venue located in General Santos City from May 25-29, 2015.

4. All 3 Winners in the top ranking (1st, 2nd, 3rd Places) are required to attend the Opening and Awarding Program of the event, and ample subsidy shall be provided only in the INLAND Transportation, including accommodation before and after the event.


1. Ms Vanessa Mae ‘Van’ Almeria-Project Coordinator:

Mobile #: 09231251003
Email Add: va.photography24@gmail.com
Website: iamvanalmeria.com

2. Secretariat: Ms Claire Pasion & Ms Cherry Albores

Mobile Numbers: 09187195259
Email Add: claipasion1289@gmail.com

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