Coffee Cat: Why We Had 2 Visits Within 1 Week

After we had a satisying lunch at 5 Star Chicken, we moved to the coffee shop just across it – the spacious and sophisticated-looking Coffee Cat.

Coffee Cat hot drink, cold drink and dessert
Coffee Cat’s hot and cold beverages and banoffee pie

We loved the place almost immediately. We found the customer spaces comfortable and the available food and drinks delightful. We had such a nice time we dropped by again just a couple of days after our first visit.

Coffee Cat Banoffee Pie
Coffee Cat’s Banoffee Pie

Coffee Cat provides a quiet and convenient place to work online (their internet connection was very stable during our visits) or to have a client meeting. The place is also nice for group meetups since they have a wide selection of hot, cold or blended coffee- and tea-based drinks, yogo (yogurt) smoothies, hot meals and desserts, to offer everyone in the group.

Coffee Cat Mocha Chip Avalanche
working on one of my blogs over Coffee Cat’s Mocha Chip Avalanche
Coffee Cat Green Tea Avalanche
checking graduate school updates over Coffee Cat’s Green Tea Avalanche

We look forward to trying their other menu offerings on our next visit.

Coffee Cat
Primeland Bldg., Elpidio Quirino Ave.,
Filandia IT Center, Davao City

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  1. I love coffee cat, too ❤️

  2. Perfect ambiance to study!

  3. My friends and I studied at Coffee Cat too! Guess what, we passed that subject! lol. Perfect ambiance!

  4. I like their“Angry Harry”!

  5. I love everything at coffee cat :)))) a really great place to study!

  6. try the pork ribs! yummm! always eat there for lunch and the durian creme brulee cheesecake is the best!

  7. My favorite spot to chill after a stressful day! Not only that, it is very accessible. And their lemon wintermelon tea are recommended for citrus lovers!

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