Kangaroo Coffee Company: Classy Customer-Friendly Cafe

Part of our Independence Day food trip included a visit to this expensive-looking coffee shop along Tionko Avenue. Kangaroo Coffee Company seems like a typical Manila-based cafe:  impeccable interior design and concept-driven menu choices.

Kangaroo Coffee Company, located in Tionko Avenue, Davao City

We were surprised to find out that this particular coffee shop is, on the contrary, a local brand.

Sticking pretty much to their name, the cafe offers some menu items with the name “Kangaroo” or “Kanga” attached to them. Suckers that we are in marketing ploys, we sampled Kangaccino (their version of cappuccino) and Kanga nuggets (chocolate-coated corn flakes). We also ordered White Chocolate Mocha and the heavy Chocolate Matcha Cake, as recommended by their staff.

Image found in my Kangaccino, together with White Chocolate Mocha and Chocolate Matcha Cake

Their coffee brews were okay — nothing spectacular but not bad either. Kanga Nuggets was rich in chocolate goodness, and was delightfully crisp. Too bad we’re not fans of tea-based food, so we did not like the Chocolate Matcha Cake.

Fortunately, the cafe’s style was an entirely fresh experience for us. Books and magazines are readily available to consumers — even in the restroom! The walls showcased paintings and posters reminiscent of Philippine history and culture, despite the cafe being named after a foreign animal. Most of all, I loved the image that they put on my Kangaccino foam.  🙂

Our order in Kangaroo Coffee Company: Chocolate Matcha Cake, White Chocolate Mocha and KangaccinoImpressive upscale interior design at Kangaroo Coffee CompanyEnjoy your coffee cup while reading OMF LIT books at Kangaroo Coffee Company

In summary, Kangaroo Coffee Company gets a load of plus points for stamping a fresh image to the otherwise common coffee shop.

Kangaroo Coffee Company
Tionko Avenue, Davao City
(082) 222-2766

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  1. cute naman ng heartsa coffee hehehe

  2. nice dito..kaso yung first visit ko dito.. walang internet connection..sayang pa naman yung date place namin ng friend ko.. hihi kaya lumipat nlng kami sa cars cafe..:D pero nice dito..

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