Pronto Mario: Quick and Tasty Bites

Pronto Mario, Paper Tree Bldg. Sta Ana Ave., Davao CityAn unassuming food shop along Sta. Ana Avenue caught our attention a few months ago, but we never found the time to drop by… until today.

Pronto Mario. The name of this diner / cafe comes off as a restaurant with fast service and an elitist dining experience.

However, that’s not entirely true. Service was quick and dedicated, all right, but it was far from being aloof. In fact, the cafe’s interiors make you feel at home, with its sofa set and a sturdy shelf of books. The waitstaff also performed excellently in recommending their specialties and attending to our needs.

Pronto Mario counter with chalkboard menu

Of course, everything will boil down to the food. We browsed through their chalkboard menu, and ordered the waiter’s recommendations: Baby Back Ribs (P130) and Cheesy Beef (P85) for main course, Revel Bar (P50) for dessert, and Lemon Ice Tea (P35) and Strawberry Milkshake (P85) for drinks.

Our table at Pronto Mario (clockwise from top): Cheesy Beef, Lemon Ice Tea, Baby Back Ribs, Strawberry Milkshake

  • Baby Back Ribs (P130): The meat was oh-so-tender, and the sweet-salty flavors infused well into the rib. It’s definitely a winner!
  • Cheesy Beef (P85): While we loved the fusion of beef and cheese, the meat was too rubbery to enjoy this potentially tasteful masterpiece.
  • Strawberry Milkshake (P85): It was concocted with generous portions of milk and strawberry syrup,  but with just enough sweetness to enjoy it bottoms up.
  • Revel Bar (P50): Wifey liked it; Hubby didn’t. Bottomline, it was a good conclusion to the yummy rice meals.

Strawberry Milkshake and Cheesy Beef at Pronto MarioBaby Back Ribs at Pronto MarioRevel Bar at Pronto Mario

Pronto Mario offers a lot of other rice meals, pasta, and sandwiches. I was also amazed by the long list of beverages — both hot and cold — on their menu. Based on our gustatory experience today, this promising diner cafe is definitely worth a second visit.

Pronto Mario counter, with bookshelf at sideCoffee shop paintings hang inside Pronto Mario


Pronto Mario
Paper Tree Bldg. Sta Ana Ave., Davao City
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