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Coco's South Bistro Serves Satisfying Family-Sized Dishes

Coco's South Bistro sits at the center of the F. Torres food strip, and continues to cater to families and groups of friends. Try their Baby Back Ribs and awesome pizzas!

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Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant: Cagayan de Oro's Gift To Davao

It is known for its explorer theme and impressive interiors. But more importantly, we love Bigby's because of its signature dishes: Passion Fish and Rack A Bye Baby.

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Pronto Mario: Quick and Tasty Bites


Based on our gustatory experience today, this promising diner cafe is definitely worth a second visit.

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Davao Ranchero Grill: A Family Feast

Filipino family gatherings involve eating. That's why we decided to dine in Davao Ranchero Grill Steak and Seafood Restaurant, because of its homey atmosphere.

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Siggi's Soft Spot

We ordered Charbroiled Baby Back Ribs, Chicken Barbecue, and Siggi's Sisig Special. But it was Catch of the Sea (steamed fish in butter and lemon sauce) that unanimously got our taste buds' applause.

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