CoffeeBar at Gaisano Mall: A Quick Stop

I’m pretty sure not too many people can survive several hours of continuous shopping in the mall without sitting down. Eventually, your energy wears out and you would need some nice place to spend a few minutes in peace. One of our favorite stops is a coffee shop, and while we were in last weekend’s midnight sale, we found comfort in the sofas of CoffeeBar.

Coffeebar best sellers: Mochaccino and Creamy Cafe Mocha

We ordered their bestsellers (well, at least, according to the attendant), Mochaccino and Creamy Cafe Mocha. The former was bland while the latter was too sweet. Could it be possible that they had a mix-up when they prepared our drinks? 🙁

CoffeeBar at Gaisano Mall of Davao

The place offered a different experience when compared to other coffee shops inside the mall, like Coffee Dream or Karl’s Koffee Korner (both in SM City Davao). While soft music is preferred in most coffee shops, video game noise from the other floor is what you will be hearing while you’re at CoffeeBar.

Although they don’t offer Wi-Fi connectivity, you can spend your time watching people pass by (it’s fun, we promise! 😀 ).

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  1. nanghimantay mo noh?:D

  2. the brewed coffee and other drinks offered by Cheesecake are better!

    • We tried Cheesecake last year, and I guess it really is better than CoffeeBar. If we get the chance again, we’ll try to visit Cheesecake to sample their products and give our verdict as well.

      Thanks for visiting, sleepspell!

  3. Nawala na ang cheesecake sa SM? or did they move? Libre mo ako sa Cheesecake Leah ha wag na lang pizza. *wink*

  4. never tried drinking coffee in cafes here in davao. hope someone can post telephone numbers of coffee shops here in our town. and, apila ko sa libre. hehe

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