Fagioli Coffee Club: For Breakfast and Pasta Lovers

The signage that we saw along E. Quirino Avenue was big and flashy, and it certainly begged to be visited: Fagioli.

Fagioli Coffee Club: E. Quirino Avenue, Davao City

And so we dropped by, to check how Fagioli Coffee Club will fare against other coffee shops in the metro. Fagioli arrives from General Santos City, so this should set up an exciting competition for coffee shops in Davao City.

Fagioli’s main edge is their unique and well-planned menu offerings. Fagioli offers not just hot and cold coffee, but also pasta, panini (grilled sandwiches), fritella (pancakes), frittata (omelet), and ensalata (salads). In short, they are inclined towards breakfast food and pasta, which we absolutely love!

We decided to stuff our not-so-hungry bellies with the following:

Puttanesca at Fagioli Coffee ClubPuttanesca (P180). Just by looking at the dish, you’ll know that it will taste good. And it does. The sourness of its fresh tomato sauce is complemented by the cheesy-buttery goodness of the dish. The flat noodles were perfectly chewy and coated with the flavorful sauce.
Pancetta Fritella (Bacon Pancake) at Fagioli Coffee ClubPancetta Fritella (P60). Otherwise known as the bacon pancake, this breakfast staple is available anytime at Fagioli Coffee Club. There’s nothing fancy in this pancake. In fact, you’ll have to look closely for the bacon bits embedded within the pancake.
Formaggio Frittata (Cheese Omelet) at Fagioli Coffee ClubFormaggio Frittata (P75). Hubby is a big fan of fried egg, especially cheese omelet. This particular version did not disappoint! It’s the perfect partner to their pancakes. The eggs were cooked well, although we’re still putting the eggs at Heaven N’ Eggs at the top of our list.
Fagioli blends: Mocha Java and TiramisuFagiogranita (P95). Naturally, we had to try their ice-blended coffee. Wifey grabbed Mocha Java, which tasted a-ok. Meanwhile, Hubby sipped on Tiramisu, and found it to be a bit too sweet to his tastebuds. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the drinks because of their unique names.

Fagioli Coffee Club earns plus points for opening up another space in downtown Davao to chill out, enjoy free WiFi, and munch on breakfast food anytime of the day.

Fagioli Coffee Club's entrance glass windowsHubby is enjoying his Tiramisu coffee blend and Puttanesca at Fagioli Coffee ClubFagioli welcomes customers with a large menu list and a cake counter


Fagioli Coffee Club
1/F Casabella Building, Quirino Avenue, Davao City

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  1. hala, kasarap tingnan ng puttanesca, pero tag-180. mahal, can’t afford. hangtod sa ice-blended coffee lang ko. hihi..

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