Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine Brings Unique Asian Flavors To Davao

Amidst the dominance of Chinese and Japanese restaurants in the city, Vietnamese food is starting to capture a significant chunk of the Dabawenyo foodie market. For years, Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine has been in the business of bringing the best of Asian food by inviting Dabawenyos and tourists to “Taste Vietnam In Davao”.

sauces dips hanoi vietnamese cuisine

Aside from its original location beside Casa Leticia Hotel in J. Camus Street, Hanoi’s new branch at the ground floor of Abreeza Mall lets Dabawenyos experience the signature flavors that Vietnamese cuisine is known for.

Best Dishes at Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine

I’m sure you’re here for our review on Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine, so let me share with you my first dining experience featuring the mouth-watering dishes at Hanoi:

Goi Cuon

Fresh spring rolls with shrimp, pork, herbs, and vegetables wrapped in rice paper and served with Hanoi’s peanut sauce

goi cuon at hanoi vietnamese cuisine davao

Cha Nuong

Vermicelli noodles, grilled pork barbecue, pickled carrots, radish, lettuce, cucumber slices, and basil leaves served with rice paper sheets and dipping sauce on the side

cha nuong at hanoi davao
Cha Nuong (photo from Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine)

You have the option to make your own Cha Nuong! You will be presented with a platter of the ingredients needed for Cha Nuong, and all you need to do is assemble them like a true Vietnamese roll expert.

cha nuong ingredients Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine

Don’t forget the savory grilled pork barbecue that you can eat from the stick or put in your Cha Nuong creation!

grilled pork for cha nuong at Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine

Banh Cuon

Pork, mushrooms, and fresh vegetables rolled in a thin and delicate rice paper, garnished with deep fried onions and chopped lettuce served with a dipping sauce

banh cuon Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine

Banh Khot

Small fried Vietnamese pancakes with vegetables and herbs on the side, served with Hanoi’s special sauce

banh khot at hanoi vietnamese cuisine

Hu Tieu Tom Thit

Shrimp, pork slices, squid, quail egg, and a variety of fresh vegetables served with vermicelli noodles in a richly flavored pork broth

Hu Tieu Tom Thit at Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine

Banh Mi

A healthy sandwich of baguette, mayonnaise, liver paste, fresh herbs, vegetables, and choices of flavorful meat. Choices: Grilled Chicken, Grilled Pork Barbecue, and Cold Cuts

banh mi Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine

 Cari Gio Heo

Crispy pork knuckles in a flavorful curry sauce

cari gio heo at hanoi vietnamese cuisine

 Com Tay Cam Ga

A hot pot of tender chicken slices, mushrooms, onions, snow peas, leeks, and rice

com tay cam ga at Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine

 Garlic and Butter Crabs

Crabs stir-fried in butter and minced golden-brown garlic

crab in garlic and butter at Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine

 Vietnamese BBQ Platter

 A platter of Vietnamese grilled stuffed squid, pork, and chicken, marinated in flavorful herbs, spices, and lemongrass

vietnamese bbq platter at hanoi davao

Check out the closeup shot of this beautifully grilled chicken barbecue! The BBQ platter is served with an array of signature Vietnamese dips and sauces.

pork barbecue in hanoi davao vietnamese bbq platter

Here’s a closer look at the tender grilled stuffed squid, in its majestic beauty:

grilled stuffed squid in hanoi davao vietnamese bbq platter

 Durian Pie

durian pie Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine

Citrus Herb Juice

fresh citrus herb juice at Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Coffee

Drip brewed coffee sweetened with thick condensed milk

vietnamese coffee at hanoi davao

As a self-confessed foodie, I realized that this was my first time to eat authentic Vietnamese food. My verdict: Me likey! I can’t wait to get my hands on Hanoi’s delectable rice paper rolls, curry-infused crispy pork knuckles, and flavorful grilled dishes.

hanoi vietnamese cuisine abreeza mall
Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine in Abreeza Mall

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine
First branch: J. Camus Street, Davao City (beside Casa Leticia Inn)
Second branch: Ground Floor, Abreeza Mall
Phone (082) 285-2887
#TasteVietnamInDavao #HanoiDavao

[Food descriptions courtesy of Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine]

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