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Spotted: In-Flight Advisory on Anti-Smoking Ordinance Highlighted in Health & Home Magazine


Health and Home Magazine editor Jose F. Sarsoza Jr. wrote a 2009 editorial about his in-flight experience of hearing an announcement on the anti-smoking ordinance in Davao City.

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Araw ng Davao 2016 Schedule of Events and Activities


Catch the events and activities for the 79th Araw ng Davao, and take part in promoting Davao to the world. Here's the schedule for Araw ng Davao 2016!

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Celebrating New Year in Davao City

Davao durian water fountain

Even in the absence of firecrackers and fireworks, welcoming the New Year in Davao City remains to be a festive one.

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What’s in NAIA Terminal 4?

NAIA Terminal 4

When I first read our flight itinerary and saw the assigned terminal, the question in my mind was "Where is Terminal 4??"

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Quick Day Trip From Manila to Tagaytay


We recently went on a quick day trip to Tagaytay, home of the breathtaking Taal Lake.

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Tide and Tribe Davao City Tour Day 2: Underwater Adventure


Check out Patricia Soledad's experience on Day 2 of Tide and Tribe's Davao City Tour in Samal and other gastronomic destinations!

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Tide and Tribe’s Davao City Tour Highlights City Essentials

davao city tour featured

DavaoBase contributor Patricia Soledad shares her experience in Tide and Tribe's 2-Day Davao City Tour. There's more to Davao City than just the usual fare!

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10 Things Any 80’s Kid Who Grew Up In Davao Would Know

davao nostalgia 80s throwback

If you grew up in Davao City during the 80's, you should be able to remember some (if not all) of these 10 memories that are absolutely Davao!

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7 Reasons To Hate (or Love) Davao City


For a Dabawenyo who has been living in Davao City since childhood, I have witnessed several developments in my hometown. Back in the day, there were fewer city regulations and not much violence in the country. Fast forward to today, city residents and visitors have experienced various changes that have ...

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DavaoBase Invades Guimaras Tourist Spots

iloilo guimaras mangroves

As part of our Blog The City Of Love tour, we were brought to the island of Guimaras. The island province is about 20 minutes by boat from Iloilo.

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