Davao City Tourist Destinations You Should Visit

Davao is big city, with an area of 2,444 sq. km. It is home to several tourist destinations, including parks, shopping centers, restaurants, churches, resorts, sports sites, and more.

So, our challenge for you, our dear visitors, is this — If you have to guide guests for only a day in Davao City, where will you take them?

Fire away!

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  1. Andami pwede puntahan, pero para madali lang pero enjoy pa rin, Eden Nature Park na. Sarap na food, may nice view pa ng Davao. May prize ba ang first comment? lol!

  2. The crocodile park compound is the best place you should visit in davao. in just one venue, you can already do a lot of things. Aside from the iconic Pangil, crocodile park is home to a lot of animals, including the newly born tigers. Adventure seekers can also signup for white water rafting there and thrill seekers can try their zorb. for visitors who just want to quietly commune with nature there is the butterfly sanctuary. the river walk grill offers grilled dishes and more if you get hungry from all the activities you just did. you can even book a river cruise lunch there. At crocodile park you can also learn about the tribal people’s way of life, play paint ball or watch a game of football or Frisbee.

  3. To Phil. Eagle Center, Eden Nature Park, Shrine Hills, so on and so forth…

  4. If I can only recommend one, that will definitely be Eden Nature Park. You can enjoy nature at its best… Cool mountain breeze, there’s the zip line, good food (buffet at that!), go fishing, or trek the mountainside (they have a good trail!).
    But wait, bakit isa lang? You should stay in Davao at least 3 days to go around and try to explore the city and surrounding it too!

  5. People’s Park, definitely! You will be able to see the different facets of Davao in one location. It’s also near restaurants and the Apo View Hotel.

  6. For a day in Davao you can go to in Aldevinco shopping store to shop in the morning and have your lunch in Eden Nature Park (enjoy their fresh food and its nature). Go to Crocodile Park in the afternoon and have dinner in Jack’s Ridge (an overview of Davao City at night time). 😉 have fun!

  7. A visit to Davao wouldn’t be complete without visiting People’s Park. Not only will you see the unique masterpieces of Davao’s acclaimed artist, Kublai, but you will also have the chance to be one with nature while being at the heart of the city. Hungry? Snacks can be bought just outside the park walls. Kwek-kwek, fishballs, popcorn – you name it, they surely have it. It is also conveniently located near Davao’s premier restaurants like Toryano’s and Dencia’s. Lastly, it is also near the newly built Davao Pasalubong center.

  8. The best balbacua and/or bulalo meal in Davao can be had for less than P 100 at the Agdao Public Market. Just roll up your sleeves or temporarily take off your office uniform to enjoy your steaming hot bowl of food.

  9. Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort ; )

  10. San Pedro Cathedral to Davao Museum to People’s Park

  11. f i were to guide tourists for a day i will guide them to calinan for white water rafting for guest looking for more adrenaline rush activity, proceed to philippine eagle conservation for nature lovers and end the day’s activity with a sumptous dinner at jack’s ridge to witness the most panoramic view of Davao City.

  12. I was in Davao for a week 2 years ago and I enjoyed the food and view in Jack’s Ridge, Holy Infant Jesus of Prague Shrine, Eden Park and Pearl Farm Beach. How to put them in one day, I have no idea! LOL.

  13. Just last week we had a day tour (sunday) at eden nature park to experience zip line adventure then at Malagos Garden watching the bird show (10:30am) especially the eagles, proceed to philippine eagle, lunch at penongs with unlimited rice, go hopping at peoples park and around 3pm at the crocodile park for their animal encounter with kuya carlo(the huge orangutan), snakes and our very own pangil, proceed to tribu kamindanawan for the cultural dance, and tried the extreme zorb. Finally, time to relax at Jack’s ridge with delicious dinner and overlooking Davao City.

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