Trip to Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

After our trip from Davao City to Tinuy-an Falls, we proceeded to the famous Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur.

Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

We stayed at my aunt and uncle’s home in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur and they recommended that we visit Tinuy-an Falls first and go straight to Enchanted River on our way back. The trip from Tinuy-an Falls to Enchanted River took around an hour and a half.

Entrance fee is P30 per person, which you have to pay as you enter the long road to Enchanted River from the main highway, but prepare for P10 being collected here and there along the way. We have no idea what the additional P10 at two different points were for. We just assumed they’re for the barangay.

Enchanted River entrance

There are life jackets for rent for P15 each. We rented two since there’s a part in the river where it goes really deep, but we soon realized it was more difficult to swim with the life jackets on! The current was strong during our visit and we kept on getting carried away by it.

The place also has picnic tables you can rent for P50 to P100.

Enchanted RIver picnic area

huts in Enchanted River

At around 12 noon, a bell signaled that the staff would be feeding the fish in the river, so people gathered to see the river’s residents — and boy, they really were big fish! We wondered where they went after the fish feeding. We didn’t see them while we were swimming.

people watching fish feeding in Enchanted River

The place is popular to tourists now, so be prepared for the large crowds. We were told there are fewer people in the early morning or on weekdays.

crowd in Enchanted River

Some dove their way to the river. It was probably safe as the lifeguard did not ask them to stop.

diving in Enchanted River

And no, that’s not the lifeguard below. That would be Leah checking the place before going in to the water.

Lifeguard Leah in Enchanted River?

The water was cold, the crowd was huge, the travel was long — but it was fun! We had great bonding moments while visiting one of the Philippines’ natural wonders.

our Enchanted River adventure

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  1. we went there as early in the morning. It is really nice the water is blue but deep. I did not try to go to that deep but next to the deep water is not deep. owners of the hinatuan enchanted river cannot discover how deep it is and why it is salty. river is salty. but that place is not a river

  2. sir/madam. ilang oras po ba ang byahe from davao to hinatuan or to tinuy-an falls? and any suggestion po where to stay in hinatuan, ung tama-tama lng po and presyo yet comfortable naman.

    tnx po…

    • Hello, jonas. Mga 5 hours kami from Davao to San Francisco, Agusan del Sur via Bachelor Express then 2 hours na road trip from San Francisco, Agusan del Sur to Bislig City, Surigao del Sur on private vehicle. We didn’t stay in Surigao since we have relatives in Agusan, so wala kaming idea on accommodation in Surigao.

  3. hi just want to know where to stay when you go to enchanted river?how much is per night we are 10 person?we are stay there for 2 nights and 3 days..also how much is the seafoods if you will order in restaurant in enchanted river outside?
    thank you very much we have a book on october 2014 via butuan city

    • Jump Off Adventours

      We can help you in arranging your trip to Enchated River and other spots in Surigao.

      Just shoot us an email.

      See you soon

  4. enchanted river is truly enchanting 😀 pati po sa Tinuy-an falls :))

  5. lyndie gold nale

    hi just want to have a quotation for 10 adults and 2 kids (4and2) for a trip from Davao to enchanted river tnuyan falls and doll house how much would it cost for the travel. thank you hoping to hear from you soon.
    the travel date is march25 a one day tour would ne much appreciated.

  6. I really love this place. Especially when its around lunch time when they will feed the fishes. 😀

  7. BF Leng!!!
    Planning to go to Tinuy-an & Enchanted before Holy Week.
    Can we bring a private vehicle to the exact location?

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