From Davao to Tinuy-an Falls in Surigao del Sur

After a 5-hour commute to San Francisco, Agusan del Sur via Bachelor Express and another 2-hour road trip to Bislig City, Surigao del Sur on a private vehicle, we have finally arrived at our destination for Mother’s Day weekend: Tinuy-an Falls!

Mamu has been planning for a trip to Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River ever since she saw these popular tourist destinations being featured on TV. Mother’s Day weekend came as a perfect opportunity.

Mamu in Tinuy-an Falls

And that’s Mamu on the photo above with the country’s widest waterfall at the background!

Cousins Paolo and Leah in Tinuy-an Falls
Cousins Paolo and Leah in Tinuy-an Falls

While the view from a considerable distance is already breathtaking, we can’t pass the chance to get closer to the falls, especially after traveling so far. We rented a bamboo raft for P100, and it brought us right under the falls. The impact of water falling 55 meters on our backs made for a good massage.

Take a look at us having Tinuy-an Falls as a shower. We were right under the falls when these photos were taken!

Chito and Leah under Tinuy-an Falls with Mamu, Auntie Merly and cousin Nica
Chito and Leah under Tinuy-an Falls with Mamu, Auntie Merly and cousin Nica

TInuy-an Falls fun

Visitors may also rent life vests, snorkel and even a camera. We rented an underwater camera for P300 so we don’t risk our camera getting wet. We had to provide our own memory card, though. The two photos above were taken using the rented camera.

Entrance fee for adults is P50, but kids aged 7 and below can get in for free. You may rent a small cottage for P300 (for 6 hours) or a big cottage for P500 (for 6 hours). In our case, since we’re not really staying long, we opted to leave our bags on the rocks nearby, with Manong Amay watching over them. For more information on rental fees and other facilities, check image below.

Tinuy-an Falls fees

The road trip was literally a pain-in-the-butt (it was long and the roads were rough), but it only took one glance of the majestic waterfalls to make it all worthwhile.

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  1. wow! i want to go there! nice blog about this place!

  2. Is Enchanted River near Tinuy-an Falls? Is Bislig and Mangagoy the same place? If I were to be dropped at Mangagoy by a bus from Davao City, how can I get to Tinuy-an Falls?

    • Hi Rain! Enchanted River is 1.5 hours from Tinuy-an Falls. Right after our trip to the falls, we proceeded to Enchanted River. Check out our experience there.

      Mangagoy is a barangay in Bislig, so you can say it’s the same place. If you drop at Mangagoy by bus, you can take a habal-habal motorcycle going to Tinuy-an Falls. We’re not sure how much it would cost though.

  3. Hi. I see from the photo of the prices that they have a camping site. Any idea if the camping site has a toilet and shower? Thanks.

  4. Hey! We’re planning to go there on dec 26, we will arrive that morning of 26. What do you think is better:

    Go visit the falls that afternoon on 26, and the river the next morning or go visit the river 26 afternoon, then visit the falls morning on 27?

    We should be back in Davao 27 by night. Cos we will hike apo the very morning of 28. 🙂


  5. I have gone here twice and I really admire its environment. The water is really clean and fresh. 🙂

  6. Checking for your post on this, BF. For a trip we are planning to do on a weekend before Holy Week.

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