Revisiting Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark for Company Summer Outing

This was the busiest summer — in terms of summer out-of-town trips — for us. We could probably thank the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines,” “Davao: Life Is Here” and “1 Summerfun, 1 Davao” tourism campaigns for that.

One of the fun summer trips we had is the SMB Brewing Department’s summer outing in Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark located in the beautiful Island Garden City of Samal.

Round-trip boat fare for pirate passenger ferry to Bluejaz is P30 per person.

Since we brought our car, we rode the barge to Samal. Barge fare is P270 per small vehicle (one-way).

The barge ride to Samal is relaxing in itself, as it offers a spectacular view of the island. To get the most of the ride, get out of your car and enjoy breathtaking view and fresh air from the top deck.

Leah on barge to Samal

We have been to Bluejaz before for a family outing, and our first visit 3 years ago left a lot to be desired. (See entry about our first Bluejaz trip.)

Not much has changed since our first visit, except that they now have booths selling beach/swimming needs as well as clowns/mascots doing a show for the kids. Entrance still costs P90 per person. Both the kiddie water slides and the pool near the beach were still full. This time around, though, we were able to eat on time since the group brought food and did not rely on the resort’s restaurant, except for soft drinks, beer and rice.

SMB Brewing personnel in Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark
SMB Brewing personnel with family

Also, we were able to try the giant water slide this time. Unlimited use of the water slide costs P90 per person. The slide was a bit scary for first-time users like me but it was loads of fun once you overcome the initial fear. They also offer zip rides, traveling just above the giant water slide and pool, for P70 per person.

We both tried the Giant Waterslide. It was fun and exciting! I look forward to go 'watersliding' again soon. (photo credit:

All in all, the day was filled with fun, laughter and lots of eating!


Bluejaz Beach Resort and Waterpark
Brgy. Caliclic, Babak District, Island Garden City of Samal
Tel: (082) 302 8411 / (082) 303 1117

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  1. Summer’s about to end and I haven’t been to the beach… or even the pool. Not once! Tsk tsk.

    Maybe this one’s worth visiting… Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I love riding the barge! lol. ewan it’s quite crowded and looks depressing since it’s made of rusty metals pero keri lang. . .lingaw. 😀

    Thanks for the price info, i’ll do the math. 😀

  3. Ok man ang Bluejaz kaso kada lihok, naay bayad

    • Ganun yata talaga sa mga popular Samal resorts eh. That’s also how we felt in Paradise, pero we were happy naman with their services so okay na lang din. Hehe.

  4. finally just this summer nakapunta nako bluejaz,

  5. Nag-sige nalang mog laag. hehe. Pa-revisit revisit kayo, ako, ‘di pa ata nakapunta ng Bluejaz – might head there one day though. Hehe. Last time kong mag-Samal was during a Tsunami warning. Fail.

  6. So this is how the Beer men rolls! 🙂

    I’ve been itching to try their Giant Waterslide for the longest time. Hope I can visit Bluejaz soon. 🙂

    • In fairness, Duls, at least 7 cases of beer ang naubos nila dun! =)

      Lingaw ang waterslides, although I was afraid I would be thrown off the slide at one point. Haha!

  7. The last time I was in bluejazz was like over a year ago. Based on your pictures, nothing’s new so far, but I love this place.

  8. Good to know about that pirate passenger ferry, it’s my first time to hear (or see) of it. I haven’t been to Bluejaz, I think I’m the last Davaoeño who hasn’t gone to that place =(

  9. BLUEJAZ giant slide is my favorite! 🙂

  10. Ok ba tlga sa blujaz? Malinis
    Ba ang pool? How about the food? Marami bang choices? Comfort room malinis ba?? Which is better paradise or bluejaz? Cant decide which way to go.

    • Hi Mike! The pool is kinda small, but it has a great view because it’s an infinity pool. They have a restaurant but I have not seen their menu. The comfort rooms are generally clean, although expect a long line of people especially during the summer.

  11. Was there after last August (our Summer months) with my fambam. Daughter love it got to go there twice while on vacation (June-Aug) and I finally able to go as well. The kids love those waterslide and kept playing in there para sulit ang Php90 or was that Php100 already. Overall it was ok for kids though. Pool is small though so can’t really sort of swim if you like to do some good and fun swimming – puro lang lub-lub sa pool water. The food was ok too. Downside: they need to have more banca kay it was really a hassle when it was time to leave. Paradise has more banca than BlueJazz and people are getting antsy to leave since it’s getting high tide na. so there. would i go there again? maybe but have to be one of those days where it’s not crowded…

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