Primo Cafe and Grille Offers Prime Dining Experience

As certified food lovers, we find it refreshing to visit restaurants that not only serve great food but also bring something new to the dining experience.

Primo Cafe and Grille has been on our radar ever since we saw its construction a few months ago. When we finally took time to drop by, we found ourselves loving the place. Primo Cafe and Grille exudes a manly atmosphere — and rightfully so, since it sits at the Pentagon Complex, which is also home to the Ducati showroom.

The interiors are adorned with wooden materials to give a rustic and earthy appeal. It’s also built with huge glass panes for natural light to come in during the daytime. It offers the feel of al fresco dining, but inside an air-conditioned restaurant.

Primo Cafe and Grille is adorned with wooden panels and frames for a rustic and earthy appealPrimo Cafe and Grille offers neatly arranged tables and booths under natural light

After ogling at their beautiful interiors, the next thing we noticed was the waft of freshly brewed coffee. It was then that we realized: we want to taste their coffee! But first, we had to sample Primo’s dishes.

Seafood Linguine at Primo Cafe and Grille

If it’s your first time at Primo, you have to try their signature pasta dish — Seafood Linguine (P219). It’s a relatively small dish but packed with loads of seafood (fish, squid, shrimp), natural tomato sauce, and drizzled with olive oil. It looks so sinful, and yet I want to believe that it’s healthy! 🙂 The mixture of sour and salty flavors explodes in your mouth as you take your first mouthful.

Salisbury Steak at Primo Cafe and Grille

We also ordered Salisbury Steak (P250), a big slab of beef patty drenched in thick gravy on a sizzling plate. The steak was juicy and oozing with flavor, which made me curious about how delicious their other steaks are: the Steak ala Pobre and the New York Strip Loin. But because our stomachs were so full already, we’ll put it on our To-Eat List for our next visit.

Cafe Latte and Cappuccino at Primo Cafe and Grille

Wifey and I were seated in a booth, which took our eyes away from the busy streets outside the resto. After the meal, we ordered Cafe Latte (P60) and Cappuccino (P75), and lounged in our comfy seats for an hour. In other words, our first visit to Primo Cafe and Grille became a much needed relaxation time for us.

Primo Cafe and Grille has struck a balance between great food and comfortable dining. You get to enjoy a sumptuous meal while watching NBA games on huge TV screens. It’s perfect for a game night with your friends, or even a date with your loved one.

Primo Cafe and Grille, Camus St. cor. General Luna Street, Davao City


Primo Cafe and Grille
J. Camus St. corner General Luna Street, Davao City
(just across The Apo View Hotel)
Phone (082) 295-6391
Open everyday at 8:00 AM. Closes at 11:00 PM (Sun-Tue), 1:00 AM (Wed), and 2:00 AM (Thu-Sat).

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  1. is the food good?

  2. Masarap dito pero anhirap ng parking. Pwede kaya maki-park sa Apo View?

  3. wow the interiors is indeed amazing!! the foods looks yummy specially the seafood pasta!! xx

  4. neat looking resto outside and nice interior as well… pricey food but seems delicious…

  5. il be in davao on august and i must truly try this one out! looks like the place has great ambiance and the food is great! thanks for the post

  6. So, let’s talk about their menu, is it Western or Itallian?

  7. Nice restaurant 🙂 Offering only prime dishes at a prime location.

  8. Ay ang sarap nilang tingnan lahat. I especially craved for the linguine.

  9. On my list soon as I head over to Davao.

  10. The place looks so good parang US-style resto sya.

  11. Great photos and interior as well. I hope I could dine at Primo. Unfortunately, Davao is too far for me. Maybe they’ll open a branch in Manila?

  12. The food was good, although pricey. The portions were extremely small and most of us had to order another meal as we remained hungry after our initial orders.I see absolutely no reason to venture back to this place based on the small quantities served. One example was the fish and chips whch most places would not even serve as an appetized based on the meager portion. We surely did not get what we paid for!! Much less!! I was disappointed after the hype I read about this establishment!!

    • That’s sad to hear, but thanks for sharing your impression about Primo here. It’s great to exchange notes and learn of other people’s opinions. Yes, we also mentioned in our post about the serving being small, but we loved their flavors and their relaxing atmosphere, so we were happy with our visits. =)

  13. Wow! Is it coincidental that we ordered the exact same dishes when we visited the resto for the first time? That’s odd. But I think we share the same opinion of their food. Hope you can check out my blog to read my thoughts about this place too. I would also highly recommend it, in fact I can’t wait to give them another shot!

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