Scubasurero Underwater Clean Up Project in Talicud Island

Talicud Island is best known for its pristine view and aquatic wonders. It’s basically an escape from the chaotic urban lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be a shame for the island’s picturesque setting to be destroyed by trash?

Beautiful scenery at Leticia by the Sea. Davao Reef Divers Club helped clean the underwater last February 19, 2012.

Here’s some good news: Talicud Island’s underwater habitat was cleaned up last February 19, 2012 by members of Davao Reef Divers Club, in cooperation with Leticia by the Sea and Barangay Sta. Cruz. The event was spearheaded by Leticia by the Sea owner Ray de la Paz, Barangay Sta. Cruz Captain Fidencio Matro, and Davao Reef Divers Club president Blogie Robillo.
It's more fun diving in Talicud! Scubasurero underwater clean up project by Davao Reef Divers Vlub and Leticia by the SeaDavao Reef Divers Club president Blogie Robillo (front, right) gives instructions to fellow divers for the Scubasurero clean up diveLeticia by the Sea owner Ray de la Paz (2nd from right) discusses cleanup details with Davao Reef Divers Club membersThe volunteer divers picked up non-biodegradable waste materials found in the depths of Talicud Island’s waters. Based on the following pictures taken by diver / blogger Christian Te, some of the waste materials found were bottles, plastics, used diapers, and paint cans.

Under the scorching sun and with loads of trash to take, the Scubasurero event was surely exhausting to the divers. Fortunately, ABS-CBN host Onnie Alfaro (of Mag-TV Na, Sadya Ta) injected fun and comic relief throughout the whole day.
Mag-TV Na, Sadya Ta! Davao Reef Divers Club gamely perform the famous TV show's signature move with ABS-CBN host Onnie Alfaro
ABS-CBN Talent Onnie Alfaro injected fun into the Scubasurero event. She's pictured here with Eden of Davao Reef Divers Club.ABS-CBN Host Onnie Alfaro talks with Leticia by the Sea owner Ray de la Paz
All in all — from departing Davao City at 8:00 AM to leaving Talicud at past 4:00 pm — this Scubasurero event was a huge success! Kudos to Davao Reef Divers Club for making its first club dive an environment-friendly project.
Ok! Davao Reef Divers Club was successful in cleaning and improving the condition of the underwater habitat in Talicud.This huge Nikon underwater camera was one of the gadgets used to document the Scubasurero clean up dive in Talicud.
Diver underwater to help clean up Talicud's waters
Wifey ready for sightseeing in TalicudHubby sitting at the boat dock while waiting for the Scubasurero divers to arrive
Trash found underwater in Talicud. Thanks to Davao Reef Divers Club for cleaning this up!Trash collected in Talicud's underwater habitat was measured using a weighing scale.Trash found underwater in Talicud. Thanks to Davao Reef Divers Club for cleaning this up!

Scubasurero is a noble cause that deserves a repeat.

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  1. Thanks very much for this article, Chito & Leah!

    This actually wasn’t the first scubasurero dive of the year, and it won’t be the last. (But it was the first club dive of the year.) I hope you guys will also think about getting into scuba diving, and maybe contribute some time & effort for the conservation of our marine envrionment. 🙂

    • Hey Blogie! The event surely got us into thinking about enrolling in diving lessons. Events like Scubasurero are worthy causes that definitely need more warm bodies. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


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