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Flazo: Flavored Bite-Sized Brazo De Mercedes

Flavored Brazo de Mercedes? These bite-sized dessert cups are made by Flazo, and come in original custard, pandan, chocolate, ube, and lemon custard.

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Lachi’s: Decadent, Drool-Worthy Dessert Destination

Lachis cakes

Lachi's is a popular but unpretentious food destination for Davao foodies in the mood for a bite of its Sans Rival or its wide range of cheesecakes.

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Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant: Deliciously Davao

Davao City is home to a lot of restaurants that serve the sea's bounties, and one of the most famous destinations is Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant.

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Cacao de Davao Produces World Class Chocolates

cacao de davao chocolate products (photo from Cacao de Davao)

Cacao de Davao offers chocolate products from the finest cacao beans harvested, and processed here in Davao. Try their single-origin 100% Chocolate Callets.

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RBG Bar and Grill: Delectable Elegance On A Plate

RBG Bar & Grill in Park Inn by Radisson serves classy dishes with a local twist. Ever heard of Mangosteen Cheesecake?

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Koffiepauze: Enjoy a Nice Coffee Break Along Ma-a

Koffie Pauze cold drinks

A translation of "coffee break" in Dutch, Koffiepauze is a promising cafe that offers a lot of unique coffee selections in hot and cold variants.

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Bucket Shrimps: Feast of Fresh Seafood at F. Torres

Bucket Shrimps buckets

Bucket Shrimps showcases the best of the sea catch by serving seafood buckets. You may order fresh shrimps and seafood served with your choice of sauces.

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Dampa Davao Brings Fresh Seafood Downtown

Dampa Davao

Dampa Davao is fashioned after the famous dampa restaurants in Manila that similarly serve fresh seafood cooked to your liking.

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Cafe El Gato Brings World Holidays On A Plate

The restaurant has been slowly introducing exciting dishes to Davao City through its international-themed dining events, like St. Patrick's Week.

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Pastil BBQ Sa Ponce: Street Barbecue For Five Pesos

You can enjoy a full meal at Pastilan BBQ Sa Ponce for only P13: that's P5 for a stick of barbecue and P8 for a cup of pastil!

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Balik Bukid Serves Organic and Farm-Fresh Dishes

Located in Brgy. Wangan in Calinan and another branch in Quimpo Blvd., Balik Bukid boasts of organically grown produce, which are harvested for preparation and cooking in its quaint kitchen.

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Manang’s Chicken Noodle Soup Brings Memories of Home-Cooked Dishes

By now, you have probably heard of the buzz about Manang’s Chicken and how unique the taste of their chicken is. If you still want more from the spankin’ new chicken restaurant in Davao, there’s a tasty new addition to the restaurant’s menu — Manang’s Chicken Noodle Soup.

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Diner’s Venue: A Hidden Gem Along Jacinto Street

It may be easy to miss Diner's Venue when you pass by Jacinto Street. However, once you get a taste of their food, it may not be as easy not to come back.

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