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Reasons Why I’m Still in Davao After 32 Years

relax in Davao

Being in a generation when most of its members are leaving the country to start a new life abroad, I often find myself answering other people's questions on why I chose to stay in Davao.

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Siggi's Soft Spot

Siggi's Grill and Restaurant

We ordered Charbroiled Baby Back Ribs, Chicken Barbecue, and Siggi's Sisig Special. But it was Catch of the Sea (steamed fish in butter and lemon sauce) that unanimously got our taste buds' applause.

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A Fresh Viewpoint of K-1

K-1 cafe

Their tuna sandwich was a delightful surprise. The tuna used was not the canned variant, but rather a fresh slice of fish that was steamed before serving.

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Davao's PNP: Best City Police Office of the Year

Philippine National Police

Despite the issue on vigilante killings in the city, the police force of Davao City has proven that it is among the best in the country and thus, was awarded Best City Police Office of the Year during the celebration of the 18th anniversary of the Philippine National Police last ...

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Effortless Booking Via Cebu Pacific's Online System

I bought my e-tickets for my recent trip to Manila through Cebu Pacific‘s online ticketing system. As I have mentioned in a previous entry, I have been practicing extra care now when availing certain services. Before I purchased my tickets, I checked the sites of both Cebu Pacific and Philippine ...

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Back to Davao!

I’m back to Davao, and back to sleeping as late as 2 AM. I arrived from Manila yesterday (or was that the other day?). I must say I missed the city. Davao is really different from Manila. While Manila has plenty of entertainment to offer (especially since we stayed in ...

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Let’s Get Back To Basics: Davao At A Glance

Vehicles waiting for the green light in Roxas Street Davao City

Davao, located in the multicultural island of Mindanao, is the largest city in the Philippines, covering 2,444 square kilometers of land. With an area as large as this, the city offers the best of both the urban and rural worlds.

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Davao City Hotel Directory (Part 1)

Added: You may check a more comprehensive list of Davao City hotels in Davao City Hotel Directory. ———– With the many events happening in the city, I decided to help visitors find the best hotels that are suited to their taste and budget through this Hotel Directory. This is only ...

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"Believe That Peace Happens When You Care"


I am from Davao City, where people live in safety despite being a part of Mindanao. But as a Mindanaoan, as a Filipino, as a person, I feel for the people in war-torn areas. The long standing question on who wins and who loses in wars has long been a ...

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Was There An Oktoberfest Kick Off Party In Davao?

Yes, it still is September, but the party is on! The Oktoberfest, an annual month-long celebration organized by the San Miguel Corporation, has already started. For the past years, the parties were held within the month of October (thus Oktoberfest). This year, SMC went beyond what is expected and launched ...

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