Kenny Rogers Roasters Must Improve Their Services

After visiting the doctor to have my husband’s aching left knee checked, we passed by Gaisano Mall for a late lunch. We settled with the restaurants on the ground floor to save my husband from further walking. Kenny Rogers Roasters serves tasty roasted chicken, so we decided to eat there. I also love their mac & cheese and spaghetti.

We have not visited this place for a long time and with the events of this particular visit, I don’t see any reason we should be frequenting it. Even before I can recover from the surprise brought about by the little note on their counter saying muffins were not available, given that the muffin is one of the more popular items in their menu and it was still 2 PM, they threw in a bigger shocker. They ran out of roasted chicken! Kenny Rogers ROASTERS ran out of ROASTED chicken! They offered us fried chicken instead. Hey, if I wanted fried chicken, I should have gone to KFC or Jollibee. And another thing – the mac & cheese was also not available. Ugh!

I remembered the sad experience my friends and I had in Max’s Fried Chicken (The House That Fried Chicken Built) in SM City Mall years ago. They ran out of chicken and offered us pansit (stir-fried noodle dish)! Needless to say, we left the restaurant as disgruntled clients. I think you know what happened to Max’s in Davao. It died a natural death.

It’s a pity should Kenny Rogers go through the same fate, as they surely serve yummy roasted chicken. But, they got to improve their services!

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