First Day High!

No, this is not about the deodorant. This is me having another ‘first day’ in my life.

What made my ‘first day’ busy? Uhm, technically, I should not be busy today. So, I’ll do that again – What did I do today?

Well, I tried catching up with my favorite TV series of recent time – Grey’s Anatomy. I haven’t had the time, the energy and the enthusiasm (Something has somehow drained that out of me, but I’m working on it. This is actually the first step.) to keep myself updated about Meredith and Derek (and Rose?), Izzie, George, Cristina and Burke, Karev, Bailey, Dr. Webber and Adelle, Callie and Erica (huh?), Addison, McSteamy, and Lexie. I even took the Grey’s Diagnosis, an online test to find out which character fits my persona, and the quiz says I’m (drum rolls…) Callie Torres! Haha.. I’m not sure if I’m actually surprised.

Anything else? Hmm.. Aside from short exchanges of words in YM with some friends, playing online games at Yahoo! Kids with my 3-year old nephew (my parents are attending to my nephews as my brother and his wife are in Bangkok for a short vacation) and tending a bad episode of bronchial asthma with allergic rhinitis, nothing much really.

Thus, my day’s high is really much about Meredith, and everything that made her life grey.

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  1. Don’t worry your nephew will get well soon.God may bless her.

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