Was There An Oktoberfest Kick Off Party In Davao?

Yes, it still is September, but the party is on! The Oktoberfest, an annual month-long celebration organized by the San Miguel Corporation, has already started. For the past years, the parties were held within the month of October (thus Oktoberfest). This year, SMC went beyond what is expected and launched San Miguel Oktoberfest Siento Bente, which is a (hold on to your seats!) 120-day beer festival.

However, while Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Olongapo and Laguna partied last Friday, September 5, Davao remained to be quiet (compared to the places mentioned, at least). According to the company’s ads, Davao was supposed to join this grand nationwide kick-off party.What happened? Why didn’t Davao party with the country?

My best guess would be it’s because of the region’s current peace and order situation. With the recent bombing of a Metro Shuttle bus in Davao’s neighbor, Digos City, which killed 6 people last September 1, and the continuous threat to the safety of Mindanaoans, it really is not the perfect time to hold a huge street party.

Well then, let’s just hope that San Miguel was successful in getting the Philippines on the record books for the most number of people toasting and the longest beer bar. The Philippines aims to beat Las Vegas, Nevada, USA with 13,500 people toasting at the same time, and Taiwan with the longest beer bar record of 240 meters. SMC got the second one almost covered, having set up a 600-meter bar area!

Hmm.. this entry is getting longer. Mahaba-habang usapan talaga kapag San Miguel beer na. 😉 Until then.

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  1. Oo nga!!! Sayang, walang malaking inuman sa Davao! LOL!

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