"Believe That Peace Happens When You Care"

I am from Davao City, where people live in safety despite being a part of Mindanao. But as a Mindanaoan, as a Filipino, as a person, I feel for the people in war-torn areas. The long standing question on who wins and who loses in wars has long been a subject of debate. I guess we still don’t have the answers. If we do, then we probably won’t be losing too many innocent lives – leaving wives without husbands and children without parents.

I received this ad from the Ayala Young Leaders Alliance, which is the alumni network of the Ayala Young Leaders Congress organized annually by the Ayala Corporation. I was in its very first batch. I have to admit I have not been very active with the group during the past years, but it is with deepest sincerity that I join the Ayala Foundation in this cause. I would like to share this poster with everyone who cares.


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  1. claire limbohan-baclay

    Hi! I’m from Davao city from 1964-1971 and Davao del Norte from 1971-present. I’m 61 and a high school graduate only from Davao City in 1966 and here in California for over 32 years and I’m ready to come home for good to live in BRGY. ISING, CARMEN MUNICIPALITY, DAVAO DEL NORTE. Re: Homecare Versus Home Health Care…I would say that home care is for patients who are ambulatory; but home health care is more of an specialized knowledge that one can get it through school. I was an acute home health nurse assistant after four months of intensive schooling at John Adam’s Com. College here in San Francisco, CA. My job was taking care of patients who had surgery. I took care of them well and I had good feed back from my employer, The Olsten/Kymberly Health Provider here in San Francisco for three years experienced. I took care of my elderly parents until they passed away at the ripe age of 80 and 90, mother and father, respectively. Please if you know of patient who are willing to pay me enough just to survive in our country, Philippines I would like to offer my services to the,. Thank you so much. claire limbohan-baclay

    • Hello Claire. I’m glad you have found our site. Her message goes out to anyone who would like to employ her services.

      By the way, her comment might aptly belong to this post.

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