A Fresh Viewpoint of K-1

K-1 cafe

Davaoeños usually associate K-1 with videoke and group entertainment. Its main branch located at F. Torres Street has become a reliable and sure-fire way to enjoy the night through singing.

It was a welcome change when we dropped by K-1 Cafe on Valentines’ Day. The place offered nothing too special; in fact, it was basically just a lobby for clients waiting for their turn in the K-1 Spa.

I ordered Cafe Mocha Espresso (hot), while Wifey ordered Cafe Mocha Frapuccino (cold) just to sample their goods. I liked the taste of their hit mocha, although I was reminded of the Swiss Miss brand of hot drinks. The blended cold coffee drink, however, did not match up to other local brands like Karl’s Koffee or BluGre.

Their tuna sandwich was a delightful surprise. The tuna used was not the canned variant, but rather a fresh slice of fish that was steamed before serving. I liked the idea of putting pineapple chunks into the sandwich; it kinda gives a perfect sweet matchup to the slightly salty fish.

Overall, I’m not too keen on going back to the cafe. However, I’m definitely setting my eyes on K-1 Spa.

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