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Sweet Perfections Makes Awesome Customized Cupcakes

Sweet Perfections, a cupcake shop based in Davao City, is in the business of creating fancy and unique cupcakes to tickle the fancy of dessert lovers.

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Flazo: Flavored Bite-Sized Brazo De Mercedes

Flavored Brazo de Mercedes? These bite-sized dessert cups are made by Flazo, and come in original custard, pandan, chocolate, ube, and lemon custard.

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TAPS Banana Desserts: Saging Madness!

TAPS banana desserts

The saging is trending these days! The city's breakfast capital TAPS has a banana haven of its own too.

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Lachi’s: Decadent, Drool-Worthy Dessert Destination

Lachis cakes

Lachi's is a popular but unpretentious food destination for Davao foodies in the mood for a bite of its Sans Rival or its wide range of cheesecakes.

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Cacao de Davao Produces World Class Chocolates

cacao de davao chocolate products (photo from Cacao de Davao)

Cacao de Davao offers chocolate products from the finest cacao beans harvested, and processed here in Davao. Try their single-origin 100% Chocolate Callets.

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GoNuts Cookie Butter Donut: A Reminder Of The Home Kitchen

GoNuts Cookie Butter Donuts: Sweet and scrumptious

Take a bite of the newest flavor from GoNuts Donuts. Now available in all Davao branches.

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Crepelato: The Perfect Fusion of Crepe and Gelato

Tagged as Davao's premier gelato house, Crepelato brings the ice cream experience to a whole new level.

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