Crepelato: The Perfect Fusion of Crepe and Gelato

Ice cream has always been one of our favorites. We love eating ice cream after a hearty and satisfying meal, or on some days when we feel down and stressed. Trying out new ice cream flavors and preparations also makes our hearts flutter, and our mouths water and giggle in excitement.

Well, how about putting together crepe and ice cream — two of the most heavenly food creations to touch our palates? We recently enjoyed a perfect combination of crepe and gelato (ice cream) at Crepelato, an ice cream shop bred in Davao City.

Crepelato: The House of Crepe and Gelato

We stopped by their branch at NCCC Mall Davao. The shop greeted us with a colorful display of various ice cream flavors. It was exciting not only to see the vibrant colors on the refrigerated glass display, but also to discover the unique flavors that Crepelato has to offer. Here are some of the one-of-a-kind flavors that caught our interest: Blueberry Delight, Food for the Gods, Kohi-Chai (coffee-tea), and Cranberry + Yogurt.

Delectable ice cream choices at Crepelato

But for us, what really set Crepelato apart from the other ice cream shops are these two flavors: Avocado Nutty Moringa (malunggay in an ice cream!) and Cheesecake Brownie. Once our eyes were locked into these two flavor names, we instantly knew that we have to taste them. So, we went and sampled them on a crepe (Avocado Nutty Moringa Crepelato) and on a warm cake (Cheesecake Brownie Gelato Cake).

Cheesecake Brownie Gelato Cake at Crepelato

One word: YUMMY! Crepelato claims that its gelato contains 98% less fat, so it’s yummy and healthy.

Avocado Nutty Moringa Crepelato: avocado, nuts and malunggay!

The staff at Crepelato makes your experience better, by allowing you to taste their ice cream flavors before ordering. Yep, you read it right: free gelato tasting! Before we ordered, we were able to taste four flavors. Weeeh!

assorted 061.JPG

Crepelato recently started offering free delivery for all orders P300 or more. Check the phone numbers at the bottom of this post.

Tagged as Davao’s premier gelato house, Crepelato brings the ice cream experience to a whole new level.


NCCC Mall Ground Floor, Davao City (besides Mandarin Tea Garden, in front of BPI Express)
» Phone: (082) 295-2168
Main Branch: Annex 1 Jocar Bldg., Mayon St., Davao City (fronting Old Sampaguita Inn)
» Phone: (082) 221-3128
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  5. Is the Crepelato shop still alive? It’s not in NCCC anymore, is the main branch still functioning?

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