Joey Sy-Domingo: The Signature Voice of Modern Davao Media

If you’ve visited Abreeza Mall or listened to local top 40s radio, then there’s a big chance that you’ve heard of her uniquely deep female voice. That’s Joey Sy-Domingo, a voiceover talent from Davao and one of the most recognizable voices in the airwaves and local events.

Joey Sy-Domingo worked as station manager of Oomph! Radio in the past.
Joey worked as station manager of Oomph! Radio in the past (Photo from this website)

I first heard Joey’s fantastic voice during her days in the now-defunct radio station MixFM. Aside from her stint as DJ, she also lent her skills as voiceover for some of the radio advertisements then, and even worked in Oomph! Radio as station manager. These days, Joey does emcee jobs in corporate events and mall shows.

The quality of Joey’s voice can be placed alongside Peter Musngi (the voice of ABS-CBN), but in a female tone. Her voice is as unique and characteristic as those of veteran broadcasters Noli de Castro or Rey Langit. Yes, that’s how amazing Joey’s vocal prowess is!

If you think you haven’t heard her voice, check out this clip where she mentions our site name and tagline:

Joey is set to launch her own website to showcase her work and to make it easier for people to reach her. More power to you, Joey!

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