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GMall Toril

Spotted: Gaisano Mall of Toril’s Bright and Spacious Food Hall

We recently checked out Gaisano Mall of Toril and were gladly surprised to see its bright and spacious food hall.


  1. padayun sa pag lambo Davao!

  2. hi, Davao Base

    In addition to this, NCCC is the official partner of Bambu Estate. We allotted 2 hectares for NCCC Mall. Soon, there will be coffee shops and SPA.

    This endeavor is to serve our Bambu Estate home owners and its neighboring communities. Thanks DB!

  3. when is the proposed opening date of the nccc mintal? anytime soon kaya? maybe next year?

  4. maau kaau ky duol na ang nccc mall 🙂

    • @ninya: We don’t know when. The last time we passed by the area (last month), wala pang tinatayo na structure for NCCC.

      @gnet: I’m not sure if it’s going to be a mall. Ang nakalagay sa tarp nila “future NCCC store.” Sana malaking “store” para masaya! =)

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