Retropolis Cafe & Diner Offers Food in Vintage Style

It was two Sundays ago when we dropped by Retropolis Cafe & Diner — whose retro design has caught our attention a couple of months back — for a late lunch.

The place looks cozy and free Wi-Fi is available for those who want to get connected while eating or simply passing time. Inside, you get to see different mementos that would remind you of the glorious past, such as old records, vintage cameras, dial phones, and more.

We’ve heard they serve good burgers, so those were the first in mind when we ordered. However, they ran out of burger patties the day we visited so we were not able to give any of their burgers a try. We asked for the fish meal, but it was not available either. We thus settled for their Belgian waffles (around PhP 90) and ham and cheese omelette (around PhP 150).

After a few minutes, they served us these:

Confused, we asked for our ham and cheese omelette. Apparently, they served us ham and cheese sandwich. They promptly took the sandwich and came back with the omelette after a couple of minutes.

ham and cheese omelette at Retropolis
Belgian waffles at Retropolis

We cannot say that we had a complete Retropolis experience since they had plenty of menu items not available when we were there. You probably had a different experience. Feel free to share yours by leaving a comment below.


Retropolis Cafe & Diner
Mabini Street, Davao City
(just beside Wings & Dips Cafeteria)

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  1. Yumyum.. better next time burgers!

  2. Their original location is a stone throw away from our house and I say, good thing they decided to move out. not a good experience for us too. Their beers are not cold . We ordered fries before and the serving was not worth the price 😀

    Tried their burger too, K-Ok lang.

  3. hi, feel free to visit us again im sure u will love our foods and our services i guarantee u 🙂 thank you for this post it help me a lot to improved Retropolis!!!

  4. My first impression: Looks sad. But of course I’d give this joint a try. I’m a newbie in food blogging and I am by no means a food critique. Just a regular foodie with peculiarities.

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