Wings & Dips Cafeteria Deserves Multiple Visits

Wings & Dips Cafeteria

It’s not often that you get to enjoy a dining experience that makes you want to go back for more. Such is the case when we dropped by Wings & Dips Cafeteria, a small restaurant that serves chicken wings and pasta. It is located in Mabini Street, just a stone’s throw away from Tumble Tots Preschool.

Wings & Dips Cafeteria, Mabini Street, Davao City

From the looks of the store, it doesn’t offer much to the eyes. The interior is painted stark white, including the chairs and tables. However, the simplistic nature of its interior works so well, because the food becomes the main focus of the place.

And by golly, when we say “focus”, we mean you cannot take your eyes off your plate. Their signature food is chicken wings, served in special sauce and complemented with a dip. You may choose from a wide variety of chicken sauces and dips. Our top favorite is Wings in Original Mild W&D Sauce coupled with Bleu Cheese Dip.

Wings & Dips signature dish: Chicken Wings in Original Sauce

Wings & Dips special recipe: Bleu Cheese Dip!

We love their wings so much! Also worth trying is their pesto pasta, which you can top with either gambas (shrimps) or bangus in olive oil (two thumbs up!).

Pesto with Gambas served with Chicken Wings and Bleu Cheese Dip at Wings & Dips

Pesto topped with Spanish Style Bangus and Parmesan Cheese at Wings & Dips

A full set plate of 4 chicken wings with pasta and side dish can range from P150 to P180. That’s not bad, considering the insanely delicious meals that Wings & Dips has to offer.

Chicken Wings in Original W&D sauce and Bleu Cheese Dip, complemented by Pesto With Gambas and Mashed PotatoesChicken Wings in Original W&D Sauce with Tartar Dip, served with french fries and Pesto With Spanish Style Bangus

Chicken Wings and Lemon Mayo Dip with Carbonara and French Fries at Wings & DipsWings & Dips special creation: Lemon Mayo Dip!

Wifey and I have frequented Wings & Dips about four times in less than a month, and they never fail to impress us with their food. This is an absolute gustatory destination for people who love chicken and pasta.


Wings & Dips Cafeteria
Mabini Street, Davao City
Phone (082) 305-1417
Check out their Twitter and Facebook accounts

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  1. The title is very apt for me because I’ve actually paid this resto a visit quite a few times. I can’t help it because of the good food and reasonable prices! I would recommend them too 🙂

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