Healing The World — Inch By Inch

I have mentioned in the previous entry about my husband’s interest on computers, which led him to attend MIS in UP. I also enrolled under a graduate program in UP, but only for 3 semesters. I took Environment and Natural Resources Management, brought by my desire to help protect nature.

My interest on nature has not faded. Every time I get an opportunity, I try to enrich my knowledge by reading about the many ways to help the environment. I also join online environmental forums to give my views on certain issues.

I am pleased to hear of companies whose products and processes are environment-friendly. At least, some are making efforts, although everyone should. Ecoquest, for instance, have announced their 2009 EcoQuest International convention schedule, during when they can showcase their eco-friendly products and gather their dealers.

Hotels, including Torre Venezia (where we most recently stayed), now ask their guests if they want to change their bedsheets and towels everyday instead of having them automatically replaced. I hope everyone can do their part. If we work together, small things become big enough.

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