Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween. I noticed that there aren’t as many horror movies or TV shows these days compared to a few years back. I used to hate the weeks before Halloween since whatever channel you had on TV, there surely was a show or an ad about ghosts and white ladies.

Aside from ghosts, I recently discovered that I’m afraid of heights. I guess that means I can’t (and won’t!) join Fear Factor. The unit my husband was occupying in Torre Venezia is on the 21st floor. At first, I loved the view. But when I tried going to the balcony to have a feel of the air outside, I freaked out! I had to call my husband since I can no longer move my feet due to fear of falling.

Of course, I still had to put on a smile for this photo op. Haha..

view from the 21st floor

Anyway, have a happy Halloween, everyone!

Happy Halloween

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  1. Dapat pinanood mo ang Maalala Mo Kaya kagabi! 🙁

  2. schoolmate mo ba c harry potter? hogwarts kasi ang shirt mo. hehe..

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