BackJoy for Better Posture and Pain Relief Now in Davao

I must admit: I am not exactly a health buff. Case in point: my favorite things to do during free time are driving around Davao City and endlessly surfing online. Both activities involve being in a sitting position for hours, which puts too much stress on my back. In fact, I have been suffering from back pain for more than 2 years now.

The main reason: incorrect posture. My pastime activities make me comfortable — too comfy, in fact, that I tend to slouch when I sit down.

Enter a new product named BackJoy Posture+, a simplistic-looking posterior support that improves your posture when you sit down. We caught up with the product as part of Mad About Travel, a three-day fair held at Abreeza Ayala Mall last May 18-20, 2012 by The Travel Club.

According to its official website, BackJoy Posture+ tilts the pelvis upright, cups the butt muscles, and floats the pelvis off the seat. As a result, your back muscles will be less tight when you sit, thereby eliminating back pain once and for all.

BackJoy Posture+ is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by the Primer Group of Companies. In Davao, you can find BackJoy as well as Slendertone products in a booth in Abreeza (near GAP). The BackJoy Posture+ is available in different colors for P2,990. You can also check BackJoy Relief.

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    • Yun din unang naisip namin, pero having used it for more than a couple of weeks now, mukhang okay talaga sya sa likod. Plus it’s made of the same materials used for Crocs, which is light and durable.

  1. Hmmm… I’m interested… But right now, the back is willing but the pocket is not. Haha… Maybe I’ll just save up for it. This one’s really helpful for work-at-homies… =)

  2. I think this does actually help somehow, not hundred percent convinced yet – but I’m using it as I write this down. Maybe it’s just me and how I sit, but it DID help naman 😀 Still have to write about it. hehe

    • Haha, medyo conscious din ako the first few times I used it, kung tama ba upo ko, tama ba yung pag-gamit ko. Pero nasasanay na din ngayon. Medyo masakit din for the first few times, kaya I use it for 15-20 minutes at a time muna, then rest, then balik ulit sa BackJoy. =)

  3. Would need to save up n get this.. I think it would help to improve my sitting posture 🙂

  4. Hala. Kaperfect naa Leh. 🙂 Medyo may kamahalan nga lang. 🙂 Hehehe. 🙂

  5. Looking forward for your posts and updates about backjoy. I feel the need of having it also as I always get back pains.

  6. cool find, but too expensive 😀

    • It seems yung price nga yata ang pinaka-issue ng karamihan with the product. As mentioned in a previous comment, it’s made of the same materials used for Crocs, kaya siguro Crocs-level din ang price. Hehe.

  7. Aside from Davao, is it also available in Manila? If not, how can we have the product shipped here in manila in case we want to buy one?

  8. where can i buy this in manila?

  9. i was scheduled for a vacation in manila. 2 weeks from my departure i had a very painful back problem to the point that i felt like collapsing eerytime my my back muscle twitched. i guess i got it from bending down too much whle packing cargo boxes to be sent home. also i was thinking of how can i survive a 14 hour flight sitting down in economy class! though singapore airlines has good economy seat pitch, but what is worse is the long haul red eye flight sitting down – window seat – full flight!!! it was harrowing and i was really uncomfortable dring the flight. fastforward – i saw this product in mall of asia, and i bought 2, one for my mom who has trouble standing up when she sits – i guess at 90 years old that is more problematic, and one for me for my return flight – 14 hours… i used it during the flight and my back was not stressed at all. i love this product, and i am using it in my office – and i am back to work. it is handy, can fit any hand carried bag and passed through security without question.

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