August: More Than Kadayawan

My husband has plenty of things to say, so I’m giving him the floor, er, the page.

Allow me to break this blog off my wife’s thoughts for a while, and make it my own.


The month of August isn’t over yet, but a lot of significant things have already highlighted my year. Here’s a short rundown of events that are either life-changing, or noteworthy (but practically useless):

  1. Beijing Olympics – Sure, our faces frowned at the sight of Davao’s Sheila Mae Perez making a big splash (literally) to lose her chance at the finals. And let’s not discount China’s fakery in the fireworks and female gymnasts’ real age. But the grand opening ceremony and Phelps’ god-like performance were enough to make the Beijing Summer Games one for the books.
  2. Prayers for Papa – Since the demise of my beloved father, I never missed a day thinking about him. August 23 (tomorrow) marks the 40th day of his passing. He was a very good and religious person, and I’m sure God is happy to have him in His kingdom. We all love you, Papa.
  3. Buffet at Entrée – A buffet dinner priced at P620 raises eyebrows. But when we’re talking about a FREE buffet dinner priced at P620, it releases an entirely opposite feeling. I was able to dine with my colleagues in San Miguel at the posh resto in Apo View Hotel, and I must say it was an unforgettable experience. I’ll squeeze in some time by next week to write a separate blog about it.
  4. I have a new laptop! – Well, it’s not really new, because it belonged to my sister who was so generous to give her ASUS S5200N Notebook PC (circa 2004) to me. Thanks, Ate Jo! Now, if I can just master the touchpad…

That’s four events, and I’m not even into Kadayawan yet. The big Kadayawan bang will unfold on August 23 (tomorrow), when the exciting Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan gyrates its way onto Davao City streets.

But family trumps festival, so I’ll have to excuse myself from the festivities and honor my father instead.

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  1. Don’t get me started with China and the Beijing Olympics. The fireworks, the female gymnasts, the little girl (singer) in the opening ceremony!@?*!!* No wonder they got the most number of gold medals!

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