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Apo View Hotel Entree Wine Quartet: First In Davao

Entree Wine Quartet launched by Apo View Hotel (photo from the hotel press release)

Enjoy four glasses of different wine selections, and pair them with the wide array of sumptuous dishes at Entree.

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WSI Technology Tour Showcases Software and Hardware Updates

WSI Technology Tour in Davao at the Apo View Hotel

Wordtext Systems Inc. brought its nationwide Technology Tour to Davao City to share updates on our favorite software and hardware products.

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Apo View Hotel Celebrates 65 Years of History and Heritage

Proudly from Davao, The Apo View Hotel celebrates its 65th founding anniversary full of Davao stories old and new.

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August: More Than Kadayawan

My husband has plenty of things to say, so I’m giving him the floor, er, the page. ——————————————————————Allow me to break this blog off my wife’s thoughts for a while, and make it my own. Ehem… The month of August isn’t over yet, but a lot of significant things have ...

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