Best Food in Davao?

While nursing an aching lower back during one lazy afternoon at the office, I started to ponder on the things that mattered in my life. And then I got to think about… FOOD. Go figure!

davao food

Here are some of the best-tasting eats that an eater can eat (translation: best food in Davao City):

  1. Sisig — An all-around dish, perfect as appetizer or beer match. My husband and I are still looking for the best sisig in Davao City. Notable in this category are Dencio’s Kamayan and Gerry’s Grill.
  2. Chicken Feet — Despite sounding gross, it’s one tasteful dimsum. Best one we’ve tried is in Mandarin Tea Garden. Delicious to the bones!
  3. Fruit Salad — Mandarin’s tropical fruit salad is, by far, the most satisfying version our tongues have ever laid eyes on (?). It’s probably because of the cream.
  4. Baby Back Ribs — Soft, sweet, succulent. These are the criteria for the best ribs in our books. Fortunately, we have Ranchero Grill to worship in this arena.
  5. Lechon Manok — Already becoming a staple viand next to pansit, roasted chicken is forever etched in our Favorites menu. What’s good about this dish is that there are literally dozens of techniques to cook the dish. Tops on our list are Kenny Rogers’ Roasters and Kookel’s.

Expect more posts on our favorite Davao dishes in the coming weeks. Bon appetit!

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  1. Hi!

    You should have joined us in the Davao Food Appreciation Tour last weekend. You can still our on-going Food Trip. Sign up at .

    You should try the Sisig of Sagay at Casa Leticia.

    Please join also these directories: and .

    Happy Eating!

  2. Hi Ria,

    I’ve read many blogs on the Davao FAT (how aptly named!). My hubby and I are really interested in joining your food-loving group. How do we do that?

    Noted: we’ll try the sisig from that part of town.

    P.S. My hubby’s name is Chito de Castro. He says “Hi!”.

  3. Good list. But I wonder why Bulcachong is not on the list.

  4. Yes, Bulcachong is also a popular favorite. These (the items in our list) are just our top 5 during the time of posting. If we are to make another list now, we would probably have a really difficult time choosing which ones to include. Andami na kasi masarap na food sa Davao! 🙂

  5. re: fruit salad… from Mandarin’s I now like the fruits that Dencia’s serve kasi mas fresh sya though I have to say I would still prefer the cream that Mandarin uses. 🙂

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