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Coco's South Bistro Serves Satisfying Family-Sized Dishes

Coco's South Bistro sits at the center of the F. Torres food strip, and continues to cater to families and groups of friends. Try their Baby Back Ribs and awesome pizzas!

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Pinutos Republik: Home-Cooked Goodness Wrapped In Banana Leaf


This al fresco restaurant deserves props for serving the elite Torres Street clients a whole lot of affordable dishes wrapped in Filipino culture.

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Spirale Ristorante: A Sneak Peek

We were not able to choose from their mouth-watering menu ourselves, because the food was already pre-ordered. Nevertheless, here are some of the dishes that we sampled.

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Molave: Greaseless Chicken At Its Best

Here in Davao, greaseless chicken is usually associated with one landmark destination: Molave Restaurant. It set the prime example of a classy Filipino restaurant back in the day.

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Siggi's Soft Spot

We ordered Charbroiled Baby Back Ribs, Chicken Barbecue, and Siggi's Sisig Special. But it was Catch of the Sea (steamed fish in butter and lemon sauce) that unanimously got our taste buds' applause.

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