Pinutos Republik: Home-Cooked Goodness Wrapped In Banana Leaf

F. Torres Street is known for its exciting night life coupled with unique food choices. We were therefore taken aback when we recently stopped by this road for lunch: It was so quiet and unassuming.

Pinutos Republik, along F. Torres StreetNevertheless, we continued to shuffle our feet towards Pinutos Republik, an al fresco restaurant in Prime Square 1 Compound that offers Filipino dishes. This food shop maintained the uniqueness of Torres Street’s offerings, by serving their rice toppings wrapped in banana leaf. Truly Filipino, I should say.

Our picks were Bakareta or Beef Kaldereta (P85) and Binagoongang Baboy (P67). At their affordable prices, these two rice dishes didn’t disappoint. The beef was so tender and succulent, and the kaldereta sauce was perfectly sweet, sour and salty. Meanwhile, the Binagoongang Baboy was alright, just not superb enough to join our favorite food list.

Bakareta at Pinutos Republik. Check out the boiled egg beneath the rice!

Sinfully delicious Binagoongang Baboy at Pinutos Republik

It was a welcome surprise to see a hard-boiled egg hidden beneath the rice! It made my dining experience at Pinutos Republik memorable and fun. 🙂

Tadah! A boiled egg inside the cup of rice -- only at Pinutos RepublikYummy molo soup (for free) at Pinutos Republik

This might not sound too important to some people, but I am impressed with their free soup. It wasn’t your average store-bought soup pack, but rather a hearty true-blue Molo Soup. Yummy!

The waitstaff were accommodating and fast in taking our orders and serving the food. However, we cannot judge their real service as of this point, because we were the only customers during that time. Like I said, Torres Street is like an abandoned Western town during the day.

Overall, Pinutos Republik deserves props for serving the elite Torres Street clients a whole lot of affordable dishes wrapped in Filipino culture.

Pinutos Republik: Prime Square 1, F. Torres StreetWhat's inside this banana leaf? Check it out at Pinutos RepublikUnique display items in Pinutos Republik


Melmont Pinutos Republik
Prime Square 1, F. Torres Street, Davao City
Phone: (082) 222-0869, (082) 224-0431
Check their Facebook page

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  1. hmmm..i’ve tasted their pinoy humba

    so far, yun yung nasarapan ako talaga..

    nice talaga yung molo soup.

  2. mam/sir, can i have ur email address please? kindly send it thru email please…..

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