Molave: Greaseless Chicken At Its Best

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Here in Davao, greaseless chicken is usually associated with one landmark destination: Molave Restaurant.

Molave Restaurant, old Ponciano branch

As the prime example of a classy Filipino restaurant back in the day, Molave was well-known for serving signature Filipino dishes and catering to various family gatherings and celebrations. I remember attending countless wedding receptions in Molave when I was a kid, and even up to early 2000.

My first memory of Molave was tasting the greaseless chicken for the first time. I thought to myself, “this is delicious!” (of course, what you hear from me is “munch, munch, munch…”).

Molave Greaseless Chicken

What struck me next is its Filipino-style setting, especially its Matina branch. When I see the facade, I always remember Spanish-era Philippine houses, where everything is made of wood. After all, the term “molave” is the name of a popular hardwood in the country.

Molave Restaurant, old Matina branch

At present, Molave Restaurant continues to serve great food along Jacinto Street, and it’s nestled right beside Ateneo de Davao University.

I guess it’s high time to revisit Molave, and rediscover the juicy memories of their famous greaseless chicken.

Molave Restaurant
(Beside Ateneo de Davao University)
Jacinto Street, Davao City
Tel: (+6382) 227-6522

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  1. While I have having some fish fingers for dinner, I can only imagine how succulent those chicken wings are. 😛 lol!

  2. Yeah, they really are delicious. What you see in the picture, though, is half of a chicken, not just wings. 😉

    It might look small, but its taste really packs a punch!

  3. na miss ko diin ang foodd ng molave.
    eto ang madalas pasalubong samin before….. 😀

  4. Magpalibre ka sa kuya mo. Hehe…

  5. kng magpalibre ako dapat kasama kayo para di yun makatanggi hehehehe:D

  6. I remember back then (looking at old molave pic) Mommy (read:lola gloria) would bring us to molave after church… yum yum… yung chicken skin ng roasted chicken nila ang the best! really! (dugaya na ato oi!)

  7. @ Monique

    I think meron pa rin silang chicken skin sa menu nila. Pag-uwi mo dito, visit ka sa Molave Jacinto, libre mo kami. Hehe..

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