SVS Prime: Davao’s Premier Korean Beauty Salon

Hwanyeong Hamnida!

This is how the staff of The SVS Prime Korean Beauty Salon greeted me when I came in. I learned that it is Korean for “Welcome!” and this is how you would feel as you spend your time inside the salon, which could be several hours if you get a hair treatment.

SVS Prime and Deeno Jeong

The place is clean, spacious and classy. It’s not too crowded or noisy, as some salons can be on busy days. The time I spent having my hair done actually gave me some quiet time to do bits of planning for the week’s activities. It certainly didn’t hurt that it’s located at the 3rd floor of the building and has a beautiful view of Quirino Avenue.

SVS Prime Lounge
SVS Prime Customers Lounge
SVS Prime VIP Lounge
SVS Prime VIP Lounge

Within the first few minutes inside the salon, I met Soo Bum “Deeno” Jeong, who owns and manages SVS Prime Salon. Deeno is a Grade III trichologist, as certified by the Korea Association of Trichologists. I learned that trichologists are hair and scalp specialists, who are trained to diagnose and manage hair and scalp problems. This makes SVS Prime not just a salon, but a hair clinic as well. How cool is that? Way cooler is the fact that my hair just got checked by a certified trichologist!

SVS Prime Hair Botox

Deeno recommended Hair Botox for my hair, which has been damaged by years of color changes, rebonding, and of course, my lack of better hair care practices. Awts.

Hair Botox is a new hair treatment designed to revive dry and damaged hair and bring it back to its past glory. I could remember the time my hair was the picture of health — thick, black and shiny. Then, I discovered hair color, hair rebond, hair blower, and hair iron. That road stripped my hair of its natural shine and texture.

SVS Prime Hair Botox
Salon SVS Hair Botox

Usually, a hair rebond leaves my hair limp and lifeless for weeks. This also leaves me avoiding group photos during this period. Haha! The Hair Botox is different, though. It not only makes my hair look and feel healthier right after the salon visit, but also on the days following that.

Me after my Hair Botox at SVS Prime
Me after my Hair Botox at SVS Prime Salon

Also, I only need to not wet my hair for 24 hours, instead of the usual 3 days after regular rebonds. Another plus for the Hair Botox at SVS Prime is that my hair smells nice after it, too. I had to meet with family right after having the hair treatment and attend an important meeting the day after. Fortunately, I did not have to be conscious about the strong smell of parlor chemicals sticking to my hair.

SVS Prime Hair Commitment

Deeno has trained in London and Canada, while the salon’s junior hairstylists train with Deeno once or twice a week. SVS Prime uses top-quality US, Korean and Japanese hair products, which are not usually made available by suppliers to non-prime salons.

SVS hair products
SVS Hair Products Display Areas

While working his magic on my hair, Deeno shared that their hair products can be expensive. Still, he chooses to use them for their different services as he values customer satisfaction over plain profit. I have deep respect for that as I understand the sentiment too well — giving your best out of true passion and commitment to your craft, and not just out of what you can get from it.

I excitedly shared about the results of my SVS Prime visit, and I am overwhelmed by the reactions I received from family, friends, workmates, and students. <3

SVS Prime post

It has been a number of days since my Hair Botox, and I am loving the feel of my hair.

Kamsahamnida, SVS Prime!

The SVS Prime Korean Beauty Salon
3rd floor, ITH Building, Quirino Ave., Davao City
Contact: (082) 282 1603

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