Munchtown Grill Heats Up Torres Food District

A new addition to the growing number of restaurants and food establishments along F. Torres Street has been in the business for quite a while. Munchtown Diner has earned laurels for its unique array of hotdogs and sliders, but its newest iteration – this time as Munchtown Grill – is extending its culinary reach towards grilled favorites.

Location and Ambience

munchtown grill torres street davao city panoramic shot

Munchtown Grill sits at a budding food district along F. Torres Street, away from the already established dining capital in the same road (where you can see Coco’s Bistro, Harana, and Yummy). The grill restaurant sits right between Café Demitasse and La Bodeguita / Soul Kitchen Co.

The restaurant’s building was a place of residence in the past, and has been converted into an al fresco dining location with a function room on the side. The old cement wall in front of the lot was removed, in order to open up the place for interested diners to come in and enjoy Munchtown Grill.

In keeping with its name, Munchtown Grill has placed food-related street signs at the entrance. That’s a nice touch!

munchtown grill street sign

The Grill at Munchtown Grill

Although the Munchtown brand is popular for sliders and burgers – including its branches at Uptown Place Mall BGC and Vertis North Quezon City – its Torres branch adds grilled food to its impressive menu.

What’s amazing about Munchtown Grill is that you can enjoy a wide range of grilled food choices at rock-bottom prices as low as P12 a stick! Here’s a complete list of grilled favorites that you can experience at Munchtown Grill:

munchtown grill squid on stick

  • Chicken liver
  • Chicken gizzard
  • Chicken heart
  • Chicken skin
  • Chicken butt
  • Chicken breast with bell pepper
  • Chicken wings
  • Cheesy chicken meatballs
  • Ox tongue
  • Black angus riblets
  • Quail egg
  • Bacon-wrapped quail egg
  • Bacon-wrapped pineapple
  • Bacon-wrapped cherry tomato
  • Green bell pepper & onion
  • Zucchini
  • Eggplant
  • Shitake mushroom
  • Asparagus & leeks
  • Pork belly

Don’t want to go through the process of decision-making? You can choose to order the Grill Platter with 20 sticks of the restaurant’s best grilled offerings.

munchtown grill platter

If you fancy the bounties of the waters, this Seafood Platter might be the perfect dish for you.

seafood platter munchtown grill

Old Favorites at Munchtown Grill

Many of the food faves that Munchtown Diner patrons have come to love are also available in Munchtown Grill. Here are some of the lip-smacking dishes at Munchtown Grill:

Australian Mini Burger

These beautiful sliders are made special with 100% Australian beef burger patties and specially baked potato buns that are oh-so-soft. You may order the Australian Mini Burger in solo or 3-piece combo.

Beef Hotdogs

Another one of Munchtown’s staples is its hotdog sandwiches, made from all-natural beef. Enjoy these babies in the following variants: Naked Dog, Chili Dog, and Chili & Cheese Dog.

naked dog all beef hotdog munchtown grill

chili dog all beef hotdog munchtown grill

chili and cheese dog all beef hotdog munchtown grill

Munchtown Fries

This is one of my favorite French fries preparations in Davao City! The signature Munchtown Fries comes from freshly hand-cut potatoes (note: not frozen, store-bought fries), and garnished with bacon and cheese! It carries a unique flavor that makes you want to ask for seconds.

munchtown fries

Culinary adventurers will love the Chili & Cheese Fries, especially if they want more zing to their taters.

chili and cheese fries munchtown grill

Fresh and Unique Food Choices at Munchtown

Kimchi Rice

Here’s where it gets more interesting: Munchtown Grill recently launched a dish that Korean food lovers will adore – Kimchi Rice! You may enjoy this flavor-packed rice dish by itself, or with a sunny side up egg topping. Either way, Munchtown’s Kimchi Rice will definitely send you screaming “OMO!”.

kimchi rice with egg munchtown grill

Watermelon Lemonade

These two words – “watermelon” and “lemonade” – can already make you feel refreshed. This drink delivers on its promise of bringing a fresh atmosphere to the grill experience.

munchtown grill fresh watermelon lemonade

Munchtown Milkshakes

These decadent milkshakes feel like you’re drinking liquid ice cream! Munchtown milkshakes are ultra-creamy and blended without ice. You may choose from the following flavors: vanilla, peanut butter, strawberry, chocolate, Oreo, and salted caramel.

milkshakes munchtown grill
Munchtown milkshakes (L-R): Oreo, peanut butter, salted caramel, and vanilla.

S’mores Bar

This is one of the newest additions to their menu, to answer their customers’ clamor for dessert. S’mores bar is a great cap to a tummy-filling meal, and it’s affordable at only P18 a piece.

smores bar munchtown grill

Munchtown Grill brings a new angle to the already exciting gustatory experience at Torres Street.

Munchtown Grill
Torres Street, Davao City
Facebook: Munchtown Davao

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