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Munchtown Grill Heats Up Torres Food District


Munchtown Grill brings a new angle to the already exciting gustatory experience at Torres Street. Check out some of the restaurant's signature dishes!

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Dampa Davao Brings Fresh Seafood Downtown

Dampa Davao

Dampa Davao is fashioned after the famous dampa restaurants in Manila that similarly serve fresh seafood cooked to your liking.

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Gardena Fresca Garden Pond & Grill: Dining With Nature

Gardena Fresca offers a welcome departure from the city confines to serve delicious fresh food in the midst of nature.

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Siggi's Soft Spot

We ordered Charbroiled Baby Back Ribs, Chicken Barbecue, and Siggi's Sisig Special. But it was Catch of the Sea (steamed fish in butter and lemon sauce) that unanimously got our taste buds' applause.

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