Siggy’s Davao Lechon Liempo, Crispo and Sigchon

Dabawenyos’ love for lechon is made evident by the emergence of several new lechon (and lechon variants) suppliers and restaurants. One of the latest additions to this pack is Siggy’s, which recently opened its store along McArthur Highway in Matina.

Siggy's Davao

Its banner product is lechon liempo, which tastes like classic liempo — tender and tasty — but with lechon skin. It is available solo in different weights (P495 for 1kg, P250 for 1/2 kg and P99 for 200g) or sakto (P75, 100g meat with iced tea and double rice).

Siggy’s Lechon Liempo – Solo 200g (P99)

Siggy's lechon liempo 200g

Siggy’s Lechon Liempo – Sakto (P75)

Siggy's lechon liempo sakto

Other main products are crispy lechon liempo (P99 solo or P75 sakto meal with iced tea and double rice) and sigchon or sisig lechon (P125 solo or P80 sakto meal with iced tea and double rice). Being fond of sinful pork dishes, we enjoyed our lechon liempo, crispy lechon liempo and sigchon, The serving size left us wanting more, but the taste did not disappoint.

Siggy’s Crispo / Crispy Lechon Liempo – Sakto (P75)

Siggy's Crispo

Siggy’s Sisig Lechon – Sakto (P80)

Siggy's sigchon

They also serve lechon manok, fried chicken, pork ribs, pakbet, pancit and desserts.

If you’re one with a total disregard for health (Hahaha!) or just want to indulge in a little lechon feast once in a while, this restaurant makes a perfect stop. Just remember to eat moderately. 😉

Siggy’s Davao Lechon Liempo
McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City
(between Ateneo de Davao GS campus and NCCC Mall Maa)
Contact No: (+63 82) 284 1548

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