Old Friends at the Dacian-Ripalda Wedding

First, allow us to congratulate our friend Ailene and her husband Darryl as they finally tied the knot in a blissful ceremony at St. Francis of Assisi Parish this morning. Mabuhay ang bagong kasal! 🙂

Of course, it is also an opportunity for old friends to be together and make up for lost time.

old friends at the wedding.jpgsecondary sponsors.jpg

One of the highlights of the event (for us — Ailene’s college buddies) would be the King and Queen of Hearts game, where our friends Erwin and Marjorie ended up being the event’s royal couple. See how it went below. Click images to enlarge.

erwin-marj 1.jpgerwin-marj2.jpgerwin-marj3.jpgerwin-marj.jpgerwin-marj4.jpgpep.jpg

1. The King and Queen have been chosen!
2. The King and Queen are re-introduced to each other (host’s idea).
3. The King puts the garter (taken by groom from bride’s leg) to the Queen’s leg.
4. The Queen is surprised to learn that they would have to share a kiss.
     Hmm.. I wonder why the King is not as surprised. Hehe.
5. The Royal Kiss.
6. An old flame (you have to guess whose side) sits in a corner, eating chocolate cake dipped in sweet cream, to ease the depression.

Don’t you just love weddings? 😀

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  1. Funny man ni uy! I personally don’t know any of them pero nalingaw ko. sana sa wedding ko, malingaw din guests. hehe.

  2. best wishes on your wedding Aileen, my classmate in high school at holy cross, regards ko ila Relyn Leorente, Pep John Paul Jumawan et at.. regards

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