American Idol: The Top 7 With Mariah Carey

I totally agree with American Idol resident judge Simon Cowell when he said that the male idols won the ‘Mariah Carey‘ night. I just loved how David Archuleta, David Cook and Jason Castro arranged and delivered Mariah’s songs.

If I were to rank the top 7 finalists, here is how I would do it:

1) David Cook – very original, very smooth performances… I actually disliked him during the early episodes and dismissed him as rude and arrogant. But, now, I changed my mind! He rocks! He’s so cool!

2) Jason Castro – has his own distinct style that suits him really really well, plus he has this innocent face and a cute smile which make him all the more lovable.

3) David Archuleta – powerful voice, pretty unique arrangement

4) Kristy Lee Cook – I know she may not be able to compete with the other girls’ power voices, but she’s managing really well and she’s definitely improving. She chose the perfect song for her tonight, just the one she can handle. And she’s very pretty.

5) Syesha Mercado – I have to battle it out between Syesha and Carly (who both have powerful voices) for no. 5. But, if based solely on their performances in this episode, I’d go for Syesha.

6) Carly Smithson – her performance was very ‘Mariah’, but definitely not as good.

7) Brooke White – I was actually expecting she’d go before Ramiele Malubay and Michael Johns. But, a toughie that she is, she’s still there, battling it out in the show’s top 7.

I love American Idol Season 7. This is their best batch ever! Good thing I can’t vote. Else, deciding who stays for the final showdown is gonna be a really tough job.

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  1. Syesha, Brooke and Kristy Lee were the bottom three and it was (sigh) Kristy Lee Cook who was sent packing. I really think Brooke White has been overstaying. 🙁

  2. american idol top 3

    for me, american idol this year is much better than the previous one.

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