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AlaskaMazing Mom Celebrates Mothers as Home Heroes

AlaskaMazing Mom Winners (left to right): 3rd placer Conchita Camporedondo, AlaskaMazing Mom of Davao Ailene Caracol, and 2nd placer Meriam Perez.

AlaskaMazing Mom 2016 is a nationwide campaign based on the company's Ginang Alaska concept to give recognition to Filipino moms everywhere.

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Pasko Fiesta Sa Dabaw 2010 Events at People’s Park

Here is the schedule of this year's Christmas celebration in Davao City's downtown park for the entire month of December.

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People's Park Dancing Fountain Launched on December 1

The dancing fountain promises to be a worthwhile feature at People's Park. The technology was imported from India, reportedly costing close to P24 million!

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Respected Photographer Edgar Arro: 1958-2010

Like the birds in the photo that he took in People's Park, may he find his freedom and rest in peace in the Lord's kingdom.

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People’s Park Is Davao City’s Best Public Park

The park has a durian-shaped dome, a playground, a 10-m waterfalls, a sunken garden, a forest area and a wide picnic area.

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