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Happy Kadayawan 2014!

Today is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the fresh harvest and our city's rich culture. Happy Kadayawan 2014, everyone!

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Rosario’s Food Products for Your Next Durian Food Trip

Rosario's Durian

Rosario's Food Products in Bankerohan has become a durian lover's destination. At Rosario's, you will find a wide array of durian of different varieties -- Puyat, Duyaya, D-101, D-24, Monthong, Nanam, Arancillo, Sulit, Kalabasa and more.

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Best Durian Desserts in Davao

Durian is abundant in Davao, and that is why we also have a lot of durian-based desserts. What is your favorite durian dessert in Davao?

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Durian Grows Potential As Prime Philippine Export Product

The Department of Ariculture sees a big potential for a booming durian export industry. Isn't this a perfect time to grow your own durian farm?

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Celebrate Kadayawan Festival with Davao's Durian!

Enjoy durian in Davao!

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Kadayawan Festival on 3rd Week of August 2009

The Kadayawan Festival showcases the city's cultural heritage and bountiful harvests, celebrating in gratitude for the blessings given to the city.

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