Best Durian Desserts in Davao

Mouth-watering, isn’t it? Durian has definitely tickled millions of taste buds throughout time. Davao is blessed for having durian in abundance, and that is why we also have a lot of durian-based desserts. Durian, with its unique smell, taste and appearance, is actually one of Davao’s prime tourist attractions.

We’re pretty sure many of you have enjoyed durian desserts here in Davao, whether you’re from here or not, so we’re asking you this question: What is your favorite durian dessert in Davao?

Blast away in the comments section below. Feel free to share your durian dessert favorites, so that we can all experience durian in Davao on a whole new perspective. Check out what others posted too and try them out!

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  1. Lachi’s Durian Sans Rival is so far the best durian dessert that I’ve tasted!

  2. no comment

  3. My favorite is the Durian Candy, at my first try I was discourage to taste ut because of the smell, but after a small bit of taste (medicine-like taste) it pushed me to taste it one more time… And all the smell was changed into a *nomnom* taste…

    • would like to ask where is Sasa Leticia located… would like to buy and taste their durian pie too… i will going there in Davao next week… thanks… i am from Iligan City….

  4. durian pie ng cafe rysus! astig! 🙂

  5. ang rami… durian pie of Bistro, Durian cake of Buolangerie (Victoria Plaza), durian candy of Linda’s, durian ice cream of Selecta, at higit sa lahat my very own durian float which my hubby loves…

  6. The best durian desserts is located at Magsaysay Street, there’s plenty of Durian fruits in every stalls, eat until sawa..hehehe… ^_^

  7. There was this locally-made durian ice cream being sold at NCCC Mall a few years back that I tried and instantly fell in love with.

    I can’t remember the brand name but I always bought a scoop whenever I had the chance.

    Too bad I couldn’t find it in stores anymore. It was so good.

  8. The durian itself. Nothing beats the original and raw taste of durian.

  9. Nothing beats the durian ice-shaved with ice cream I tasted in one of the ice cream shops near Pinnacle hotel in Davao. Aside from the ice cream, it has the fruit itself with peanuts on top. With just one spoonful taste, you can imagine what it feels to be in Davao.

  10. Durian fruit itself is good. pero gusto ko matikman ung sans rival. san mabibili un?

  11. I actually dont eat durian since I hate the fruit because of its smell yet when my mom had it or served it to us the other way around, this doesn’t stop me from eating all what was being served. BTW, its durian jam.

  12. Mark Jeuel Echaore

    di pa ako nakakatikim ng durian pero sabi ng iba, na “tastes like heaven, smells like hell”

  13. ethel maria capili

    i love the durian pastillas, it is so creamy and tasty. the smell does not bother me that much.

  14. there’s two that i love… durian brazo by alor’s, and durian gatchpuccino by blugre. simply da best!

  15. I love the Durian candy especially the pastillas. hihihi <3 <3

  16. what i like of durian fruit is the first you will hesitate to try but once you taste it,surely you will try get another one.nevermind about the smell hahaha..

  17. Durian Ice Cream!!! Tasted it once when the boyfriend of my cousin brought it in our house as a gift… It so yummy! one of the best ice cream flavor.

  18. i’m not a big fan of durian but if there’s one durian product i enjoy, it’s linda’s durian yema 🙂

  19. my favorite is durian tart. sweet but packs a unusual pleasant blast to my tastebuds.

  20. D-Davao is famous for this awesome fruit
    U- ultimate fruit experience one should try
    R-rough skin, unique smell it has, open it for a fabulous treat
    I-it can be eaten in a lot of ways, can be as is, or as candy, or cake
    A-as for me, my fave would be a durian shake, perfect dessert companion for meals.
    N-now lets grab some, and beat the heat. : )

  21. My favorite durian dessert is Durian Cheesecake by Lachi’s Sans Rival. The cheesecake has a creamy consistency which is similar to that of fresh durian. But the taste is more subtle. It’s the perfect dessert both for hardcore durian fans and for those who haven’t tried the fruit yet. 🙂

  22. We are so fun of durian, during weekend i just make a durian shake to treat my little ones.they soo love it .Next time i wnna try durian float instead of mango float.

  23. I love my very own version of Durian Float! Creamy and duriany (?)

  24. My Top 3 favorite durian products:
    Durian Cake (it has a different name, i forgot) at Bistro Rosario, Durian Donut at GoNuts DoNuts, and Durian Hopia (located at the airport just beside the base of the escalator)

  25. I agree with Ria… it’s Durian cheesecake by Lachi’s ! super yummy… 🙂

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